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Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 3

A continuation of part 2 & part 1

Pokeing done outside one's home is always sexiting. So where do u do the pokeing outside?

Hotel room

Hotel room is one good venue! It has all the comfort of home plus some more. It is always better to check in a better quality hotel as the comfort level is better, don’t try to save on this as u rent out a hotel room to enjoy urself with ur partner. A good hotel room will have a big size springy bed & a big size bathroom so that both of u can bath together. A springy bed always aid pokeing action ( I suppose this is why all hotel have springy bed but not everyone have springy bed at home as it is hot unless u have air-con, in fact I have a fibre king size bed it is cooling to sleep in but hard as a board ). Some hotel room also have big mirror fitted so u can also see urself in ‘action’. Do check for hidden camera but for hotel with star it is quite safe to say that it is camera free.


Unless both of u are working together or u invited ur partner over while u do overtime in the office, pokeing in office normally occur as ‘forbidden’ since it meant u r pokeing anyone else but ur usual partner. But this of cause made it so much more sexiting! Pokeing is done on office table, chair or even on the floor! It could be in the general office area, meeting room or even in conference room. It is not advisable to do pokeing in the fax or computer room as u might accidentally poke some button or switch! It is much cheaper as u don’t pay anythings but u have to watch out for any camera including hidden camera!

Among all the pokeing location outside one's home. Pokeing in office is the most risky! In term of being discovered ( u r not the only one with access to the office, ur boss have full access! So u r always pokeing with full alerts to any interruption. Beside this any phone ring is a big distraction. This affect the guy, as he can't poke with full force, the ladies of cause still enjoy herself to the max ) & actually there are little suitable space to do full pokeing sexerise. The only large enough space is the conference table or ur own big office table ( if u work in cubic office, u can forget doing pokeing on this type of table, it can never stand the weight of two people moving in unison ). Do remember to clear ur table ( even though sometime have to poke in quickly as the ladies/guys might change her/his mind ), watch out for staple, pen & paper clips! Do be careful so that u don't knock down the computer monitor or made ur keyboard wet! Please don't use the mouse to run all over her poo*sie! But then lady really enjoy it, if u run ur computer's mouse all over her we*t poo*sie, don't use optical mouse, use mouse running on ball. It is this ball rolling on her sensitive area that give her pleasure. After this mouse running, u will have to buy a new mouse! But if u r the Boss, then pokeing in office is the best location! Cum year-end when u as Boss have to do appraisal for ur stuff. As Boss u can always request ur 'hot' ladies stuff to stay back where more 'detail' & 'in dept' appraisal is needed ( see as Boss u can almost do what u want )!

Out door

It is most sexiting doing pokeing out in the open in nature. The problem is choosing the location. In the park? In some natural park ( don't ever try to do any pokeing activities here, nowadays digital cam-coder cum with zoom lens, u don't want to be ' orang yang terlanpau dalam xxx park' )? In some jungle clearing when u & ur partner go to do some camping?

Well my suggestion is to go to some fruits orchards off the main road & have some sort of picnic under the durian tree or rambutan tree. U can do ur pokeing on top of the picnic sheets but as we are in the rain forest region doing pokeing out in nature without any protective sheets is not encourage, just image all sort insects on the ground ( watch out for fire ants, it's bite is very painful, extra extra painful if it bite on ur 'bro' or on her poo*sie )! So do remember to bring along a big spray can of Ridsect not only against those ants but also against all the mosquitoes ( apparently mosquitoes are heat seeker so they will all target ur ‘bro’ standing at full attention as that happen to be the hottest part of ur body ). Since this is the fruits season pokeing outdoor in nature is not encourage as all the fruits orchard will be crawling with people.

To be continue...........


Calvin's Wife said...

HAHAHAHAHA... damn good lah you.. LOL, I wish to have mine by the beach tho.. LOL...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha!Forget about beach part as I live in a jungle! But from friend pokeing on beach very nice as windy, but have to watch out for sand & sand fly!!!

clement said...

good good, have a nice day~ do it up the airplane!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha!Clement the longest time I spend on airplane is only 2 hr!How to do it? Beside the airplane toilet is sooooo small!!! Cargo area is off limit! Copit also very small & full of switchs & buttons!Maybe can if u r on long distance flight!

Jonny said...

lol, if do pokeing in airplane first need to master YOGA!

nyx said...

walau ... hamsap post!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Jonny! I am very hard wan so how to bend???

Hi Nyx! Wellcum! Aiyah this wan is 'educational' post lah! No hamsup wan!

Cocka Doodle said...

Poking in the office is ok...provided you ARE the Boss! Hahaha!!

last time young time I tried it in the park. KNN...damn a lot of mosquitoes.. Humping and whacking mozzies most of the time. where got shiok? LOL

Beware when you are doing it on the beach too. Sand might get into her cb and you will be like farking sandpaper! Damn agonizing!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Cocka!So last in park safe as no cam-corder.Sure got mosquitoes wan! Wahlaueh!! Sandpaper! Haven't try in beach yet!

Iwan Sanchez said...


Actually, whenever i go chalet, i always see couple inside the tent and the tent was shaking vigorously!!

i ASSUME they might be having sex wor..

sometimes the tent is jus beside me and they have the cheek to have sex..

tsk.. but i cant hear any noise lei...


i also wanna try but no gf lah..

so sad..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! U should poke ur head into the tent & see!!!Ha!Ha!

Iwan Sanchez said...

to horny,
cannot poke my head there..

i am invading their privacy..


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha!Iwan u can always say u enter the wrong tent!

Jonny said...

wrong tent? o_o say la your dog ran off somewhere. and...

OH! there's some bushes right here!