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Friday, August 24, 2007

Should I Do This!!

Warning!! Hor ny post!To all my doctor reader please don't revise ur consultation fee or poke me up-side down or inside out!

Gf :Hor ny I am bored, very bored!

Hor ny:U r bored meh ( I look at her hor nly )...........

Gf :Yalloh ( she snugger closer to me ). Take me somewhere can or not?

Hor ny:Where do u want to go ( she is no going to ask me to accompany her to go shopping )?

Gf :Anyway can do so long as sexiting ( Thank god!Last time I accompany her to go shopping.....& I have the most boring time of my entired life! She enter one boutique after another like no tomorrow & goodness know how many pair of shoes & shirts she try on. No only that I have to give my opinion on every shoes & shirts she try on, dam the sale girls who giggle & enjoy themselves looking at my very bored look & equally bored answer! How nice & sexited it will be if ladies undi*es & br*a can be try on........ I am allowed to look & give comment when gf give it a try! )

Hor ny:Oh! Ok! I got just the place!!!

After driving around I bring her to..........

Gf : Wei! Wei! What r u doing? U crazy or not? ( She 'ketut' my head playfully ) Why did u bring me to a clinic?!

Hor ny:U say anywhere mah. So I bring u here loh.

Gf :I say somewhere sexited!

Hor ny:Yahlah.....sexited! Cum just follow me to see the doctor! ( gf follow with curiosity )

Hor ny to clinic receptionist

Hor ny:Do u have any private examination room? And who is the doctor who specialize in ladies problem, I want a lady doctor for this! ( gf upon hearing this pinch my b*utt & give me a furious look )

Cln Rec: We have private examination room & our lady doctor is Dr Wong. She is free now.

Hor ny:Ok she is perfect!

Gf :I am perfectly Ok! I am not even pregnante!!

Hor ny:Aiyah! U wan sexitetment just fellow along lah!We see this lady doctor first lah. Don't worry wan. ( gf follow me now with very high curiosity )

Hor ny:Good morning doctor! Me & gf got a problem!Can u see if our 'pokeing' is proper?

Dr W :What do u meant proper or not? ( She has the most bewilding look on her face, gf also look the same but with her mouth slightly opened )

Hor ny:Aiyah I don't know how to say it.....Look how about if I 'poke' my gf in ur private examination room & u look at our pokeing & then u gave us ur sexpert opinion?? ( gf gave me a big kick under the table, luckily she didn't squee*ze my ball as she rest her hand on my lap! )

Dr W :Ehhhhh.......this is an unusual 'problem' & request! Well........Ok!

Hor ny:How much is the charge?

Dr W :My consultant fee is Rm35 per hour excluding medical of causes.

Hor ny:Oh that is reasonable. Our pokeing will last about 1 & half hour ( at this the doctor gave me a disbelieving look! And gf now grasp me by the ball! )

Gf :Hor ny! I just have my period this morning!( She gave me a very furious look & grasp my ball firmly )

Hor ny: Oh! Ok! Ok! Sorry doctor! Next time ok. Any charge for this?

Dr W : Its Ok no charge ( Thank goodness! I have only got Rm100 )!

On the way home I got scolded 'kaw kaw' by gf!!!

But seriously I might really give it a try! That is 'Pokeing' in clinic under Doctor supervision! Because it is in private & it is cheap! Cheap because I can claim medical bill!!!But made sure that the supervising doctor is a lady! I don't like the idea of another rod pokeing into gf or worse still what happen if the doctor poke into me! This will happen if the supervising doctor is a man! But it seem that gf want me to herself only!

Another wishfull thinking! But I never give up hope! Any of my ladied readers to help me out?


Jonny said...

omg the hor nyness!!!

yes you should do it! and tell us how it works out in the end.

Pookyma said...

WOW!niasing that lady doctor so sporting meh?U making up story rite?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Jonny! How to do it? Gf don't wan!

Hallo Pooky! What do u think??

Teng Foung said...

Hor ny, u made my day. This is damn hilarious. You want her to agree you? Convince her la... Explain to her how sexited to do it in Clinic. This is so unusual and innovative XD

Princess Eileen said...

No ladies readers comment yet... Hmmm.... Is this a uniform fantasy, hor ny????? Haha... Can you record video and youtube for us? :P (If it ever happen)

Angie Tan said...

wahh.. RM35 for 1.5hr..

sexpensive-la... but u asking for consultation hor...


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo tengfoung! Wellcum! Can't convince her!

Hi Princess! How to take video?? Maybe u help to take the video? can or not?

Hallo Angie!Aiyah it is consider cheap mah!

Have a nice weekend my dear reader!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..i dont believe u did such a thing!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah horny!!

u are so daring!! hahahahaa!

But the if that really happens, don u tink the doc will be in trouble?

and what if she cannot tahan and ask u to poke her, will you do it?

gf beside u lei.. so how??

threesome?? gf dun mind? hahahahaha!

Pookyma said...

Eh horny!!the doctor that sporting meh???

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Joe! U will be surprise if u do know the real me! He! He!

Hi Iwan! I do think doc r Ok wan as they r well train. But if she wan to joint I am ever ready!What trouble? U show doc ur 'bro' will she be in trouble? He!He!

Hallo Pooky!If u r a doc will u decline an offer to a free 'show'? & earn at the same time??

W_W_Ho said...

which clinic is it??? which jalan??? which city??? muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

amanda said...

hORNY - i cannot believe it. haha. U really do it ?? U are so daring..

erinalaw said...

You really do that? OMG!!! I don't think I dare lor..........

Pookyma said...

Yea i wont show plus $$$

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi W W H! That wan I cannot say lah! If u know then u ask that doc then u know who Hor ny Ang Moh is already!

Hi Erina & Amanda! Yalloh! I am a bit 'crazy' sometime!

Hi Pooky! I know u will agree with me!

BaBy JeE said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit... this is the funniest thing I've ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's free pornography for the doc... hahahahhahahahahah

keeyit said...

Arrrr.. the lady doctor is a young lady ? quite sporting ler..

Hor ny ang moh, you are really "siao".. Hahahaha...

I'm Choonie. said...

Sial hiao kia!!! You really did that??!!!! Must be the joke among doctors now.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi baby! He! He!

Hallo Keeyit! Wellcum! Doctor is surprise with this strange request!Yes sometime I am surprise at myself!

Hi Choonie! I think the doc keep this to herself lah!

belle said...

liar! i dont believe u! i dont! I DONT I DONT!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi belle!He! He!

Calvin's Wife said...

wat the FFFFF.. u actually did that?!!! HAHAHAHAHAH dang, you hor ny man!!! LOL...

I'm Choonie. said...

I was telling ur experience with my hubby and he told me that this is becoming a common thing in Spore liao. He read it in the local newspaper. But we dun know how to true is this lar! BUt, Ithink I believe you did that sexciting thingy.. ooppsss... I forget the 'almost' word!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Evie! Care to try it out?

Hi Choonie! See S'pore already do it. No wander they are more advance then us!Save on hotel room rate & can claim medical bill somemore!