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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How To Made Ur 'Pokeing' More Sexited...Part 2

A continuation of part 1

For married couple……………..

Pokeing is done several time a day ( well it use to be for newly married ) & always in the bed room after going to bed or may be early morning. So this go on & on, by now u already have kids. Once u have kids pokeing is no longer a ‘must have’ activities. Even without kids couple who have being married for a few months will started to feel a bit bored with the usual pokeing. So how to sexited ur pokeing?

U have being doing pokeing in the bedroom. So how about doing pokeing in the living room? How about doing pokeing while watching ‘nice’ DVD or VCD on TV ? This I guarantee u will made ur pokeing so much more interesting & maybe intensive! U can also try out the various style shown in the ‘nice’ DVD or VCD ( sometime the style shown is not applicable as in most case for show only, not enjoyable or very tiring or ur partner not willing to try it out )! But sometime the problem is that some guy cum in record time. But ladies u can always recharge him faster while watching the ‘nice’ movie. Of course ladies also get high easier while watching this ‘nice’ movie! U can do pokeing on the sofa or on sofa table or even on the floor. Do remember to turn down the TV volume! U don't wan to let the whole neighbour listen to all the 'ahhh' & 'ohhh' sound. Do be careful while doing pokeing in the living room don't get so sexited & pokeing so intensely that u tear up the sofa pillow or knock down the TV set or worse still fall down from the small sofa table & if ur sofa table is made of glass don't ever do pokeing on it!

Beside living room, how about in the study room? While ur partner is doing his/her office work ( don’t do it, if he/she doing is important work ) u can pretend to be a secretary to ur hubby or a boss to ur wife! ( pretend u r poking someone else but ur hubby or wife, but do pretending in ur mind don't ever let him/her know that u r thinking of pokeing someone else, u will get a wack on the head from her, 'bro gone home' from him ). Pokeing is more sexiting if u think u r poking someone else or being poke by someone else! Do be careful when pokeing in study room as u don't want any pen or pencil pokeing into u or ur partner if the study table is not cleared properly!

Kitchen is another sexiting place to do poking! Don’t u think ur partner look se*xy while cooking ( a lady in office wear doing cooking did look very 'inverting', as she prepare a quick meal for bf )? But do be very careful when pokeing in kitchen. Don’t even try to poke ur partner from behind by lifting up her dress when she is frying ur food as she is most sexited when she saw ur ‘bro’ standing up at full attention! U don’t want her to fry a big sausage instead of verge! Forget what u see in the 'nice' ang moh movie as ang moh normally don’t fry their food! Pokeing can be done on kitchen table ( I know that it is disgusting if u know poking is done on that table but then it is OK as only u know & ur gust don't so ur gust will still be happily eating away at that table. So next time u have dinner at ur friend/client place, do u think pokeing take place on this dinner table? ) or on kitchen chair. Do be careful while doing pokeing in kitchen, switch off the fire stove & clear the kitchen table of any spoon or fork or whatever. Don't get carried away by the pokeing that u knock down bowls, plate or even ur rice cooker & micro wave oven!

Another sexiting place to have pokeing is the bathroom( the bathroom must be large enough )!This is a very good place to have pokeing! Cleaning can be done at the same time so of cause very very clean. Suc*king & lic*king all taste very good & natural! This is a good place to do a lot of fore*play! However do be very careful with all this activities in the bathroom as it is very slippery with all the soapy water. Do take note that if ur gf is not the 'we*t' type U might find it difficult to poke in after u have cleaned her's hole ( in this case more suc*king, lic*king,nibbling to get her we*t against ). Pokeing can be done on three legged method so either one will be on one leg! So do keep ur balance so that u don't fall down on ur 'bro'( it is very very painful ). Pokeing can also be done in the bathtub or sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Kindly noted that it is not advisable to do pokeing is water or soapy water as it is not good for the lady for water entering a lady in there ( yes it is shown in 'nice' movie, but it is for show only )!

'I can’t do all that with the kids around'. That is the normal valid reason. So how about sending ur kids off to ur in-law or ur parent during the weekend? U can even sent them off to Sunday School! So without kids around it is always quality ‘pokeing’ time to spend together!

That is all on place where u can sexited ur boring pokeing. Mainly in the house. Next post will be outside the house!!

To be continue…………….


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlau..every enlightening indeed..maybe you should bcome a specialised doctor for couples who cant get kids..hahah..give all these tips..

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL... ada pros and cons lagi tu... LOL... nice one, waiting for your next episode... :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Joe! How to have kids is a different post! How to have boy or girls is included!!! But this will be in future post lah!

Hi Evie! Next post still developing, once ready will post up lah!

:: Nicole :: said...

hor ny: not only different places to 'do' it BUT also to spice things up, the girl can buy some nice lingerie or costumes to wear *wink*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Nicole! That factor is included in a later post under this series!

This topic is a very long wan divided in to a few part!

Have a nice day!

zewt said...

interesting... interesting... all the married couple storming here already.

Yinsi said...

Fuiyoh! Got good lesson here! Have a nice day.

AceOne118 said...

Why no sample pictures wan? wakakaka!!!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah... now you're into role playing sex ah?

Jonny said...

LOL, so detailed. You print a book, I'll get first in line! ;D

Iwan Sanchez said...


kinky sex there...

but sometimes i wonder y some ppl love their partner to dress up in unforms lah, whip lah, handcuffs lah..

got "song" meh??


Bengbeng said...

u shud combine some of these posts n make it a coffee table book :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Zewt! Not all married couple lah!

Hi Yinsi! Wellcum!Good lesson?

Hallo Aceone! If got picture then sure get banned by everyone!

Hi Purple! Role play??

Hi Jonny!Cannot print a book.M'sia very holy wan!

Hi Iwan! That wan I never try before! The best is not need to wear!

Hi Bengbeng!Wellcum! Cofee book? After reading still can drink coffee arr??

Berberboo said...

wah wah wah... seems like u know everything le... tried everywhere already arr? ^^ keep up with trying all the diff places to do pokeing... ur post very nice to read... =D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi berberboo! Oh dear! I do hope a nice young lady like u just read my post for information & general knowledge only. Don't try any of this Ok. Have a nice day. Tq for dropping by.