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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Friday, September 07, 2007

I Get Poked Against.......

The pain is unbearable ( this is peanuts compare to what is to cum ). The only things on my mind is how to stop this throbbing toothache! I have the sensation that half of my head is in pain! In order to lesser the pain a little I end up slapping my face myself, it is still painful ( my work mate think I have gone bonkers slapping myself )! So I went to the dentist!

Hor ny:Doc in or not? ( with my face all screw up in pain, I just croak to the receptionist )

Recp: Doc in there, u can go in now! ( she look bemuse at me, I am sure she think big guy also cannot stand toothache meh? )

Doc:Cum let me have a look.........which tooth?

I point at that offending tooth. The doc examine it ( I can feel him scrapping & pokeing at it ) at the same time asking me painful or not?

Doc:R u sure this is the tooth? It look ok, the filling ( this tooth has being re enforce will filling back in my school day ) is still intact!

Hor ny:This is the tooth ( I mumble with a mouthful of his dentist equipment still in my mouth ).

Doc:Hemmm.......( then he sort of bang the tooth bottom part & I sort of jerk up my body with pain ) Ah I know what is the problem! It is very likely that ur tooth is cracked!

Hor ny:Cracked?? Can repaired or not?

Doc:Outwardly it appear to be perfect! I am afraid it is cracking from downward up from the tooth roots! What we can do it to pull out this tooth!

Hor ny:How about the filling done long time already ( I want to save this tooth, if toothless I don't want to eat banana & shallow 'oyster' for the rest of my life )! Maybe u can kill the nerve to the tooth???

Doc:The filling look OK. As for 'killing' the tooth nerve it depend on the tooth condition. If it is cracking up it cannot be done. But at this moment I think the crack is a tiny & it is on the tooth root.

Hor ny:I think I will give the filling a refilling. Can or not?

Doc:We can give a try but I can't guarantee ur toothache will go away.

Then all he*ll broke lose when the drilling started ( he have to remove the old filling ). The sound of the drill.........the vibration.........and the pain...........oh the pain is unimaginable ( having hor ny thought don't work this time, I try but no 'hor ny' thought plus the fact that the assist dentist look very unpokeable )!

Doc:Just relax........just relax.

How can I relax! The pain is just terrible! I am all tense up, my hand grip the chair tightly! And the dam assist dentist just look on with a bemused face.........I have thought of gripping her a*ss instead of the chair........see if she can still look bemused or no!

It is over in a few minutes time. This is the longest minutes I ever felt! True as what the dentist say my tooth feel no better! In fact it feel worse, more painful then before! But the dentist assure me it will go away in a few days time! If not then I will have to visit him against.

I more or less stagger out of the clinic with a spinning head & a throbbing toothache! So I just must have my ciggy! It feel better after the ciggy! Total cost for a tooth filling is RM30-00! 'Wah so cheap arr' say my stuff this morning! Did the dentist give u an injection before he do the drilling? 'No' I say!!!! NO wander it is painful as..........I just can't describe it. Dam the dentist! He should give me a pain killing injection first. I can afford to pay for it!

A few week ago I got poked by doctor & now I get poked by a dentist! Perhaps it is time for me to poke some luck! BTW what number to buy arr? As I am not good choosing number to buy in 4-D, 6-D or what so ever.


W_W_H said...

try to hantam 0119. wish u all da best!! muahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Helen said...

Wish you all the luck!! lol Hey, dun go into hiding and neglect this blog if you kena 1st prize har! lol

Anonymous said...

didn't the dentist give you painkillers at all? coz your case is toothache so he should prescribe painkillers to you!

Anonymous said...

didn't the dentist give you painkillers at all? coz your case is toothache so he should prescribe painkillers to you!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi W W h! Tq for the No!!

Hi Helen! If I win big price then I will do more pokeing & update on all the new sexperiance here! He! He!

Hi Anomus! Wellcum! This dentist didn't give me any! It have being a long time since I visit a dentist so I forgot to ask for it also!

lovegoddess said...

hey horny ;)

dental pain is one of the worst to endure.

what happened? how did yr teeth crack? you bit something hard or you didnt consume enuf calcium?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lovegoddess! Still a bit painfull! My teeth crack I think because I like to crack nut!Aiyoh this toothach is now turning to headach!

If still like this I think have to visit the dentist against!

Miss Loi said...

You sure are a funny guy. lol Get well soon!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Miss Loi!Tq for ur comment! Yes! I do hope I am back in top pokeing condition but it seem I have to pay the dentist another visit!( oh btw I do poke into ur site but cannot put down comment afraid I might 'influence' ur student!!! He! He!)

Princess Eileen said...

The next time around I hope you didnt get poked by.... pornstar... wakakakkaa. Have a nice weekend ahead, horny!

AceOne118 said...

Aisay! why no tell me? I can extract it for you free of charge!! wakakaka

clare said...

Last time they drilled up the remaining of my tooth after they knocked half of it off...without anaesthetic!!! Pain like hell...!

I'm Choonie. said...

poor you! I hate dentist since I was 7. Luckily, I have good teeth. Believe or not.. I still have my baby teeth. So, I have more than 32 teeth.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Princess! Aiyoh I am a guy leh! If poke by po*rnstar then my a*ss hole will exploded!

Hi Aceone! Yallo I should ask for ur help. I am sure u will give me a lot of wine to drink first then after I pass-out being drunk then u pull iut my tooth!

Hi Clare! Wellcum! Wah u even better! U didn't cry meh?

Miss Loi said...

oh btw I do poke into ur site but cannot put down comment afraid I might 'influence' ur student!!!

Gosh. Are 'pokeing' and 'influential' stuffs the ONLY things you can commment?

Why not say something non-horny for once like declaring your love for mathematics for a change? Ha ha.

Sasha said...

aisk i paling scared dentist...and they always have to hold my hands and my legs down...cos when the drilling happens automatically my hands and legs will rise...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Miss Loi! Oky Doky teacher! I will try to laern my math first! For eg x+x=guy or it is no maybe y+y=guy??? Oooops sorry that I go against! He! He! I will try to comment intelligently on ur site!

Hallo Sasha! Wellcum! Wah u need 3 person to drill ur teeth? Ur legs & hand go up???

conan_cat said...

walao, sakitnya!! souunds like lots of pain lor and yeah i was thinking already why he didn't give you injection or painkillers before he start drilling >_< and hope the pain go away... got feel better boh??

erinalaw said...

No painkiller kah? What doctor is that leh? Hope you will recover soon. Next time when you have this fear in the dentist room hor, I suggest you think of something nice to take away your fear. What? hahaha........... your enjoyment of poking in the bed with your gf.*cabut b4 kena kick*
Have a great weekend!

FoOie said...

try grabbing the dentist's ass lar.. he sure give u painkiller after that

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi conan! No! Still painful today!

Hi Erina! I did try to think of pokeing but the pain is too intense!

Hi Fooie! Wellcum! I will try to grab the next dentist's a*ss on the next visit!

Iwan Sanchez said...

aiyo.. i pity u lah horny!! must take care ok?

have a nice day!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! Not much activities as not in 'pokeing' condition! Have a nice day too!

belle said...

i rather pull it out..that get my tooth drilled..seriously
thats y i have one missing tooth..hidden la ofcoz ahahah xD

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi to all the 'Anonymous'!!! Tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!