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Friday, September 14, 2007

First Time...........An Introduction

There is always a first time in every things we do in our life. Things we have to do or go through in our life as baby to boy/girl to a young/lady to men/women to being a father/mother and if we are lucky to being a grandfather/grandmother.

So what are the major things we have to go through in life? Do u still remember ur first time? So what first time is most memorable or major to u?

He! He! I am sure my dear regular reader will guess what my next post will be! Be my gust & all my reader are most wellcum to comment on what u like me to post up on this topic ..........My first time!

That is all for the time being ( I will be off-line for the next two day ). Do feel free to comment! Have a nice day!


Princess Eileen said...

First Time..... you saw a naked body & ur response

Helen said...

First time you poke into the wrong hole..

Nonnie King said...

First time you see porn.


adrian said...

The first time I took off my pants and saw some bushes growing down there .....

W_W_H said...

the very first time u feel an e*ec*ion!!! muahahahaha.........

742 said...

First sexperience I guess.

Pookyma said...

First time you can't get that fella upright!!!!!!!!!!

The Malaysian Life said...

The first time I bought porn. I did it very fast - it was too embarrassing. I chose the cover pic of a sexy girl and paid the guy. I went home and inserted it into my vcd player but it didn't work !!!. Alarmed, I checked the disc and the cover. It turned out to be a Jolin Tsai music CD. That is embarrassing.

littlepolaris said...

1st time you poke.... was when you were 15, u poke ur neighbour daughter one night after a BBQ party in ur house and all the parents were drunk and dinnotice u 2 missing... HAHAHAHAH =P

so wat is the 1st time? shud be something horny and sexciting eh since it's cumming from ur mouth...


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Princess! Ha! Ha!

Hi Helen! Ha!Ha! Very funny!

Hi Nonnie! Oh this happen long long time ago (maybe I will blog on this)!

Hi Adrian! Oh that must be a long long long time ago! Did u ask ur mummy why got hair there??? He! He!

Hi W W H! That is also a long long time ago!

Hi 742! Ah! U r close ( this entry will be included )!

Aiyak Pooky! My 'bro' is a good boy!Ha! ha!

Hi The M'sia life! Who can forget that experiance! That must be a long long time ago!

Aiyah Polaris! I am not that bad lah! My gf nen nen is now painful today ( that meant her 'aunty' is going to visit soon ) so I will be 'active' tonight!

Pookyma said...

Boss i got a new first time for you....first time you terzip your lanjiao!!!!!!

Man..u better write about it!!!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Pooky! Actually what is 'terzip' my 'bro'!?? Is it my 'bro' got stuck in zip???