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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

What do u do if u have tooth ach????!!!!!!

I am in pain........very painful. I think I can stand pain....... but tooth ache pain is totally different! The pain is on & off. Once it is on........Wah laueh!!!! Hard to described wan! I can't talk properly & with my face sc*rew up I look like either I am eating a very sour plum or I look like I am going to cum!

I hardly sleep last night. Actually I got to bed around 1.30am ( after I poke into a few blog which is restricted by my 'holy' office computer ) but I didn't really sleep, just toss & turn! By 2.30 am the pain is just terrible! I go looking around for my small torchlight, found it & poke it into my mouth to find which dam tooth giving me all the pain! It is the big chewing tooth ( sorry I don't know what to call that tooth, it is the big wan ) so I dig around it with tooth pick & also 'rock' it with my did lesser the pain a bit. But I can't spend the whole night doing this digging & rocking as tomorrow ( that is today ) is a working day! Went to bed still can't sleep! Now I do know one sure way how to go to sleep! Works every time!

It is emergency time........time for me to do some pokeing sexercise ( for those who don't know, it meant Fcuking ) ! Wake up my sleeping 'bro' actually whack it up! Do some intense pokeing ( gf is not too happy to know that I do pokeing because I can't sleep because I have toothache, why lady only take pokeing as a sign of love, as a form of exercise cannot meh? ). After that I fall asleep due to tiredness, toothache or not toothache ( it is around 3.45am )!

So with very little sleep & with a very painful toothache I go to work looking totally sc*rew up & like a zombie! Ahhhhhh!! So painful! I think I have to visit the dreaded dentist!


W_W_H said...

i tell u what to do...
go and bang ur face to a solid wall... hard!!! sure ok wan, serious wan...

guaisaujai said... bad....woke her up from sweet dream and pokeing her....

U r evil...

erinalaw said...

Next time if you have this hor, following are the things to help before you go to see the dentist :

1. if you are a smoker or there is a nearby 24hours mart, get 1 cigaratte. Take out the tabacco and place on your tooth. Hold on for a few minutes and it helps.

2. take panadols. What my hubby had tried is use a mortor to pound the panadol till powder form and place on your tooth.

3. put a towel on hotel water. Dry it and put the towel on your face, where is the area of your tooth ache.

Hope you will soon be okay.

Princess Eileen said...

I not sure about traditional remedy... Quickly get yourself checked by the dentist....

Errrr... did the pokeing exercise ease the pain?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi W W H! Bang my handsome face to a wall! Cannot wan I still need my face to earn some money!

Hi Guaisaujai! This wan emergency so no choice!

Hi Erina! Tq for the tips! Very informative!

Hi Princess! Going to see dentist soon! I am going crazy with this toothach!

Anonymous said...

it might not be that tooth you think is causing the pain. it could be another one. dentists call it "reflective pain". it happened to me once.

other than painkillers like panadol, try gargling your mouth with a glass of saltwater, it might ease some pain. saltwater also kills off bacteria & brings down heat. sometimes when you are too "heaty", you might get toothaches or swelling of gums.

about saltwater, if ever you have fever & medications can't bring the fever down, try drinking some saltwater. it helps sometimes.

hope you get your problem settled soon.

Helen said...

There is nothing the dentist can do if your tooth is still aching. He'll give you antibiotics and painkillers.

Any pokeing action from dentist will have to wait until the pain subside. When yuo feel pain hor, it is because there is an infection....

Heh heh what did your mouth eat? :-P

Nessa said...

Hi Hor Ny! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Aiyoh, toothache! It is time to visit the dentist lar :D


Iwan Sanchez said...

alamak horny!!!

toothache still can poke ar??


see a dentist ok..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Anomus!Wellcum! Tq for the infor! I do hope it is just a 'simple' job!

Hi Helen! Very painful now! No choice have to go to dentist! My mouth eat normal fool lah like 'oyster' for eg! He! He!

Hi Nessa! Wellcum! Yah! Got to see the dentist!

Hi Iwan! Wellcum back! Oh u miss a few back entries on 'educational' post! Hope u like it!

Tq my dear reader for all ur comment & infor. Dam my toothach! have a nice day!

keeyit said...

Hahaha... ^_^
Like that also can ar...

Go to pull out the teeth then solve everything =D

I can recommend good dentist for you if you are around PJ areas. No pain.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Keeyit! Cannot pull out my teeth! No teeth left then I can only eat banana & shallow 'oyster' for the rest of my life! No can do! Tq for ur help but I leave in a jungle far far away from Pj!

tanalan2 said...

Bro.... take panadol in emergency.

For relief take Ponstan or Iboprofem lor..
But seriously I know how hard it is to stand the toothache pain. No matter how man u are...but really a torture !!!! I am bloody scared of toothache too !!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Alan! Ah so u understand the pain also!