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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pokeing/Farking Must Have Sound!!! ‘Oh! Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’

When u do pokeing, it is most ‘stimulating’ if your partner moan with pleasure ( He! He! Or is it with pain!!!??? ).And u can judge ur pokeing ‘performance’ by her moan & the sound she made! Or maybe she might find u very sexy when u poke in with full force while u grunt with all ur effort! The fact is, with sound pokeing is more enjoyable!

Same as watching movie!He! He! If got sight but no sound, watching the best movie with blue ray quality is also no ‘syoik’ wan! Sorry this post is not about pokeing’s sound. On my previous DIY entry, I blog about visual aspect of Home Theater System ( HT ) & so now I will blog about the audio part.

Buying a HT system is also a ‘confusing’ matter. What types to choose? Well the following factors are what I will consider:-

1.What type? 2.1 ie. Two speakers ( L & R ) plus one sub woofer. This is the basic set-up. Mostly use as PC audio system. 5.1 ie Five speaker ( L & R, LR & RR & Centre ) plus one sub woofer. Better then 2.1 system as the sound field is all surround. 7.1 ( L & R, LR & RR, LBR & RBR & Centre ) plus one sub woofer. Currently the best sound system set up as it carter to the latest sound decoding ( more on this later ). 7.2 is the same as 7.1 except got two sub woofer. It is suppose to give more ‘oop’ to your bass ( not much of a factor to consider if u have a very powerful sub woofer )!

2.What sort of movie u watch? Asstro? If u spend most of ur time watching watching Asstro programs, then u don’t even need to buy a sound system. The TV speaker is good enough. Yes, Asstro sound is that ‘normal/lousy’! If u spend most of ur time watching Korean love drama or Chinese love/family/action drama ( whole series in on a DVD ), then the TV speaker is good enough as such movie don’t have any sound effect at all. Now if u watch mostly English movie & some good quality Chinese movie with Dolby Digital or DTS sound encoded then buying a sound system is necessary to enjoy the sound effect. Latest sound effect are Dolby Digital True Hd & DTS Hd which is available only in blue ray disk.

3.Where do u watch this movie? If u watch ur movie on a Pc then a 2.1 sound system will do. If u watch ur movie in ur bedroom then a 2.1 or a 5.1 will do ( Unless ur bedroom is very big, how to have a good poke with so many speaker laying around? ). If u watch it in ur living room then a 5.1 will do or if ur living room is big then the best set-up will be a 7.1 system.

4.What type? By this I meant the sound system, as in all in one like HTiB ( Home Theater In a Box ) which is normally a 5.1 set-up. Everything is included ( except the TV ) like the DVD player, 5 speakers & a sub woofer. Very simple to set-up & quite neat & tidy. The only cons is up-grading is almost non-existing & on some cheap HTiB the sound might not be very powerful ( Perfect for small living room & in apartment/condominium ). Component system. So far the best set-up as it allows u to up-grade & in most case the sound is much better & more powerful than those in HTiB. A proper HT sound system will consist of a AV Receiver ( The most important component & usually the most expensive part! ), a set of speakers ( 5 or 6 speakers depend on ur set-up ie. 5.1 or 7.1 ) & a power sub woofer.

Now having decided on the type of sound system u think it is suitable for u, u now end up even more confuse! If u decided to set up a 2.1 system then no problem, very simple! Buy what u can afforded. If u decided to buy a HTiB also not much of a problem as u only have to decided on the ‘style’ & brand of the HTiB & of cause the price! Some high-end HTiB can cost as much as a entry level HT component system. And it sound real good, only that up-grading is non-existing. Basically just set it up & u r good to go! Now the headache is on choosing a HT component system! U have to consider the following:-

1.What type of av receiver? 5.1 or 7.1? It is much better to buy a 7.1 capable av receiver as it able to output the real surround sound as needed by Dolby True HD, DTS HD & other sound code. 7.1 is not really necessary to enjoyed surround sound but a 7.1 give a much better sound effect. HDMI ( High Definition Multi-media Interface )input? Well it is much better to have a av receiver with HDMI input plus decoding capabilities as Dolby True HD & DTS HD can only be inputted via HDMI. But at this moment of time such av receiver is real expensive.

2.What type of speaker? Front speaker is a must & you got to decided to have floor standing or bookshelf? It is much prefer to have a pair of floor standing speaker as it can really output the full range of sound, and it look much better! A nice center speaker is needed as it can produce the much need dialogs when watching movie. Surround speaker, 2 pair for a 7.1 set up or 1 pair for a 5.1 set up? If got the space go for 2 pair. It will have a much better effect. U can buy the speaker stage by stage but matching different type of speaker is a skill & so to save all the trouble u can consider buying whole set of matching HT speaker. It is much cheaper than buying separately. Do remember to set up speaker with the same impedance ie. All are 8 ohm or all are 6 ohm type. U risk damaging ur av receiver if different ohm are used.

3.What type of power sub woofer? Another headache! So many different types to consider! Side firing or down firing? To me as long as give off a nice & low bass effect good enough. Well just choose the type u like & look nice.

In conclusion it all cum down to money! How much is ur budget? Money no problem? Then by all meant go for the latest av receiver & pair it up with a good & expensive set speakers plus a big & high powered sub woofer, powerful enough to shake down the whole house! He! He! Rm 20k at least I think is just about enough to buy such a kick ass av sound system!

Now where is my Rm20k???? Where arrr??? Remember my job as ‘gigolo’ still not ‘jadi’ yet!!!! This conclude my 'pokeing sound system' next on the manual will be my 'poosie' post! Previous post is 'pokeing sight' in my HT system. He! He! Stay tuned!

This is what I end up buying, a Pioneer VSX 917s system.

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