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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gigolo! As A Career! Part time/Full Time!

Life is getting very hard! Every thing is up! All living expenses are up! Even the price of rice is up ( Too expensive for me so I sometime end up eating bananas only! Luckily I am not a ‘rice-pot’! )! Every thing is up that is except for my salary! I must find an extra job quickly or else I will be in deep shit since I have so many monthly commitments to pay each month end!

But I am a lowly educated fellow, know ‘nuts’ about accounting, mechanical, medical, biological & so on & so forth! In short I don’t have any educational qualification ( paper qualification ). Ok! Ok! I think I might seek extra income working as an odd job man. But working as such it very tiring & I don’t think after a hard day work as odd job man will leave me with enough energy to look after my gf ‘need’ ( pokeing )! Beside all this while I have being employed in the 'service industry' so carrying garbages is out of my league.

I know what I will do! I will be a gigolo! These don’t need any paper qualification ( Even those with good paper qualification like ‘doctorate degree’ might not be qualified as gigolo! Most of this people are ‘geeky’ & lousy in pokeing! ) !

As far as I know, to be a gigolo u must understand the need of a lady & must be good in pokeing. And to be good in pokeing, ur ‘didi’ ( bro/pokeing equipment better know as cock ) must be in excellent ‘working condition’ & not too small! In other words ur ‘didi’ must be able to perform like a ‘jack hammer’ ( the roadside banging equipment used to break up rock ) so that u can bang ur ‘didi’ in full force & at high rpm ( ram per minutes ) into a lady poosie ( All ladies like some form of hard banging! )! Oh! Yes! U must be 'handsome' as well!

I think I am qualified to be a gigolo. I have being pokeing for a long long time ( Just like a pilot, the more flying hours u have, the more experience u r! And with more than 300 pokeing hours under my cock I think I am rather sexperiance! 300 pokeing hours is a rough estimate base on average pokeing session time numbers of days time numbers of years. ) so I should be good!

My ‘didi’ size should be of the ‘correct’ size, as so far gf never complain about it being small ( she always say ‘Oh! U r so big! I can feel u go so deep!’)! Banging like a ‘jack hammer’ I can do that too as I manage to break a bed ( Try to imagine a 95kg ‘jack hammer’ banging at full force! ) once due to excessive ‘ramming’ ( Since that breaking that bed, I have always prefer doing 'pokeing' on the floor! Buying a new bed is dam expensive! ) !

Of cause pokeing ‘performance’ must be of good quality ( big, hot & hard cock )& quantity ( lasting )! It will be terrible if the pokeing last for just 5 minutes! So far, on average my pokeing last for more than 30 minutes ( The longest is one & half hour & the shortest is 25 minutes! ) so I think that should be long enough but pokeing session can always be extended ( Monies is a very good motivation for extended pokeing! )!

Am I a 'handsome' fellow? Well I don't look like Andy Lau or Edison Chan ( Both handsome fellow with one fellow posting up his 'didi' pic in the internet! )! But then so far no ladies had ever say I am 'ugly', most say I am 'cute overgrowth baby' ( Whatever that meant! )! So can a gigolo be 'cute'???

As I am being engaged in the ‘service industry’ it is one of my working life’s mottoes to provide the best possible ‘service’ to all my client, that is ‘good value for money’. In order to provide the best service, training need to be attended & skill needed to be learned & up-dated.

Thus before I really get to become a gigolo I need to have ‘training’ in how to be a good ‘gigolo’! I need to learn the ‘skill’ & ‘technique’ on pleasing a lady need ( Beside this I want to know how much will a gigolo earn! Very important information! )!

This is getting to be a rather long post thus I will blog in detail ( very ‘horny’ entry 18xsx not suitable for kids & holy reader ) on my ‘training’ to be a gigolo in a follow up post.

To all my dear readers your comments are highly appreciated ( only through comments can I know my readers reaction to my horny post )! To all my dear readers u are also most wellcum to ‘link’ me up so that u can know how is my ‘training’ as gigolo going to be! In the meantime have a very nice day!


U hor ny ang moh i hor ny no more.... heheh said...

I dont think so you need training i think you good enough d.... any way how long is your didi how many inch???

u hor ny ang moh i hor ny no more said...

Ladies my didi is 6 inch wat youll think big or small... need some info here pls help...what youll think of 6 inch???

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi U HornyAngMoh No1! Wellcum! Tq for ur comment! Pokeing skill need to be up-dated all the time. It is a never-ending lesson! Aiyah! Why u want to know my 'didi' how long wan arrr??? BTW r u a lady???If u r a lady then perhap u can ans 'U HornyAngMoh no2 question! His 6" good enough???

Hi U HornyAngMoh no2! Wellcum! Ehhh!!!I am not a lady so I don't know 6" good or not. But I do know lady don't like 'thin' cock! So 12" if very thin also no use! Just like pokeing in a pencil!
Tq very much for dropping a comment!

Have a very nice day both my dear readers!

horny no more said...

Hey im the 1 and 2 from now onwards i will use the name (horny no more) ok.... both 1 and 2 is me.... Remember me ok from now i am horny no more thats my name....I am a guy...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hornynomore! Oh! My mistake! He! He! Wellcum to the world of pokeing!

horny no more said...

why you dont want to tell how big is your cock???

Very small ah your cock??? HEHEHEH.....

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hornynomore! Aiyah! How big is my 'didi' is for lady to know mah! Beside I am not interested in pokeing backside & I don't want my backside to be poked also! He! He! If u r a lady then maybe I shown u???? With my 'bro' permission of cause.

horny no more said...

how many times must tell you im a guy la

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hornynomore! Yallah! I know u r a guy mah! So not need to tell u how big & long my 'didi' is loh!

horny no more said...

Dot want to tel must be very big la like anakonda

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hornynomore! Ha! Ha! Happy guessing!

horny no more said...

Why no update so long.......

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hornynomore! Wah! Tq tq very very much for pokeing in regularly! He! He! It seem that only u r interested in my 'gigolo' enyty! :( ! Nah I got post cumming up! Hope u like it! Have a very nice day!

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Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Anomus! Tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!