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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DIY!!! Long Time No Do!!! Pokeing sight!

DIY refer to Do-It-Yourself. Now if u r a ‘horny’ fellow ( like urs truly ) it also meant ‘Go & Fark Yourself’ that is do pokeing using ‘five sisters’ or whatever. For more detail poke into my DIY entry. Pokeing sight! Don't u think it is very sexy & most stimulating if u can see pokeing in action! I am very sure most of my readers will get a 'hard on' or get 'wet' if u watch nice 'ahem ahem' movie!

Now this entry is not about horny ‘diy’ or about pokeing action, it is about the ‘normal diy’ diy & about sight. It has being a long time since I post up a 'normal' DIY.

What happen when your TV gone ‘kaput’!!! This is what happen to my TV! One night I am watching & enjoying myself watching a very nice ‘ahem ahem’ movie! Now ‘ahem ahem’ movie usually all yellow yellow in color. When suddenly everything shown on TV turn red! If showing red poosie, then still ok to me but then it show even the ‘hair down there’ also red in color!!! Dam ! My TV gives me red color! How to see???

No choice but to buy a new TV ( This Samsung flat 34" TV very high tech wan, nobody know how to repaired it! ). This is post about TV & Home Theater ( on later post), HT for short! What to consider & what type to buy! No choice as I spend most of all my ‘non-pokeing’ time watching movie. The following is how I will choose my TV:-

1.What is the purpose of your TV?! To watch TV programs ie. Asstrow programe? Now if I spend 70% of my time watching Asstrow then buying a TV is a simple affair! Just buy any 34” flat TV will do or at the most 42” LCD or plasma TV. Anything bigger will be terrible as asstrow signer are of ‘low definition’ type ie 480i resolution ( The higher the resolution the better! Just like low resolution pic! The ‘hair’ show no clear once u zoom up the pic! High resolution pic will show nice ‘hair’ pic even if u zoom it up! ) so if u use big TV the pic quality will be bad! But I don’t really watch Asstrow, only the motor gp, animal planet ( animal pokeing ) & news ( So that I know who poke who, who is sleeping all the time or who blow up who! ).

2.What sort of movie u watch? I do spend a lot of time watching good quality DVD movie. Most of which are action movie ( ‘ahem ahem’ movie can also be consider action movie as got fast & furious pokeing action )! Because of this LCD TV is out for me, as LCD reaction time is ‘slow’ ( the fastest LCD time is 4ms, most of which is 8 ms )which is slow when compared to Plasma TV ( 0.001ms ). This is very important as when u watch fast action on LCD, due to the slow reaction time the ‘action’ will be blur blur wan! This is terrible for me! I want to see very clear ‘ahem ahem’ action!

3.Since I watch mainly good quality, fast action DVD movie it meant I will have to buy a Full HD ( Full High Definition, it meant this TV has the abilities to display resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 ) Plasma TV as I want to see the ‘hair’ clearly. HD ready ( 1,366 X 768 ) will do for me if I seat more than 10 feet away from my TV & my TV is less then 42". But then I seat about 8 feet away only & I want a big TV! So I have to buy a Full HD Plasma TV! He! He! Big TV can see much more detail mah! So no need to zoom up the picture.

4.How big??? This is a very important factor to consider! Now my formal TV is a flat screen 34” crt TV, so by right I should buy myself a 34” or bigger TV ( should have improvement mah ). But unfortunately the biggest crt TV now is only 29”. So ‘older’ TV is out. Beside this to watch DVD in high definition u need HDMI ( Hight Definition Multi-media Interface ) input. This HDMI input can support up to 1080p picture quality. Actually depend on the type of LCD/Plasma u buy. But most can support up to 1080i ( 1080 interlace ). Which is almost as good as 1080p ( 1080 progressive ). That meant only LCD or Plasma TV bigger than 34” to consider!

5.Other factors to consider are like styling & cost! Plasma is usually more expensive but will give better picture quality. LCD looks good & is usually cheaper & beside this LCD have a lots of brands to choose from. For Plasma TV very limited choice as only Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung & LG got Plasma TV ( Correct me if I am wrong ). For Full HD Plasma only Panasonic & Pioneer got, and this cost a bomb! Beside this if u like to watch in bright place then LCD is suitable. But I like to watch movie in dim light!

Now in summary if u r like me……….like to watch good quality fast & furious movie & like to see detail, seat quite close to TV ( so can see clearly mah ) then I suppose a 42”Full HD Plasma TV will be the perfect choice for me!

But in reality the following is what I am using NOW!

A Panasonic 32" LCD model TX-32LX75M the cheapest model in Panasonic LCD TV! Well I will post up my 'review' on the performance of this LCD in later post! Oh! I have post what happen to me in this entry & this entry on my other more 'normal' site.

This conclude my 'pokeing sight' part on my HT system. I do hope this entry is of some use to my dear readers as nowadays buying a TV is a rather confusing affair! Feel free to post all yours comment & if the information here is wrong do feel free to correct me. Next on the manual is 'pokeing sound' entry!

This is what I end up buying a big ass 50" Plasma TV!


TZ said...

awesome new TV... why the screen of the new TV was not showing your "ahem ahem" movie... let us see how it looks in your new TV... hahaha... ;-)

horny no more said...

Hey u are catholic i see... so u bang any hot catholic chicks so far... trust me they are horny... i got experience with them

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Tz! Long time no see! He! He! U want to see 'ahem ahem' pic on the TV arrrr??? Cannot lah! I am afraid thie site will get lock up against!

Hi Hornynomore! He! He! U got sharp eye! I don't know if the chick is catholic! Got hole I just poke! Never ask wan!

horny no more said...

U know how i know u catholic cause got mother marrys photo... only catholic got that correct... hahah good to find another horny catholic fellow...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hornynomore! Really sharp eye!!! Aiyah catholic also human mah! Remember God say make love not war! I just put into practice what I learn!

horny no more said...

Good i agree with u... the way nice tv how much u did u pay for it???

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hornynomore! Aiyoh! U didn't poke into my linked entry??? Inside got answer to ur question! Have a very nice weekend!