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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cut Off Your ‘Didi’!!! Then U Know!!!

In new today! A certain lady minister ( Sure recommended by a lady lah! ) propose that rapist will have their ‘didi’ cut off…..castrated! If they keep on pokeing into unwilling poosie! This is because raping cases is on the increased! Almost every day we can read about all this rape cases in the news. It is now getting to be a dangerous life to be a lady!

I supported the lady minister suggestion totally! Why the poke can’t people control their ‘didi’ urge? Why do they have to poke an unwilling poosie? It is because it is very nice ( Subjective, as I do find it rather enjoying when I pretended to ‘rape’ gf! Of cause gf like it as it is rough play! ) ? Or is it as they say forbidden fruits tasted nicer?

I am very sure if it is implemented there will be less raping around! I am sure guy will think twice before they do any pokeing! I am very sure they don’t want their ‘didi’ to be cut! A man ‘didi’ is a very private & personal ‘pride’ for a guy!

A guy with a small ‘didi’ will always feel ‘inadequate’; it is as if he lack something! All this is because a lady will always prefer a big ‘didi’! ‘ Oh! U r so big’!!! This is what a guy always wants to heard! ‘What the fark! U no got ‘didi’???!!! This is not what a guy want to heard if he get his ‘didi’ cut off when he poke the wrong/unwilling poosie/hole! Without a ‘didi’ a man will lose all his ‘moral’ support to live as a man!

He! He! In bad time or when I feel very down in life I do look at my ‘bro’ & think at least I can still poke strongly so life cannot be that bad!

If ‘cutting didi’ becum a law………….. 'Don’t Poke Poke arrr!!! Cut Off Ur Didi!!! Then U Know!!!’ This warning will be used by a lady! ‘ Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! May I poke u???? & please sign here! ’ Written permission needed before a guy can poke into a willing poosie, to prevent any blackmailing by the lady!

So to all my dear readers……….What is ur opinion?


Always ask permission:) said...

I think this is a good idea... cause this fucking rapist getting too much.... but of course only cut of the didi of those who really did rape someone makes got proof.... good idea... im a guy but i support cause i only poke willing poosie... dont poke if dont let la correct... go your room make your self happy if got no poosie let you poke.... CORRECT hor ny???

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi AAP! Wellcum! Yalloh! We can always DIY mah!