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Sunday, July 27, 2008

U Need A Poosie/Asshole……..For Pokeing!

Unless u likes DIY or u like to be a virgin forever, a poosie/asshole is needed for pokeing. Poosie or asshole is needed as u need to poke in ur ‘didi’ for pokeing. Without a poosie that is not called pokeing. An asshole can also be used but those is not the normal case & in most case not a common practice.

Now for a complete HT ( Home Theater )system u need a source before u can started off & enjoyed the world of having a good HT system in urs own house( Just like pokeing, u need to have a poosie first before u can do pokeing & in the process enjoyed the world of pokeing! )! In most HT system a good DVD player is the beginning of a source of a HT system although any source can be used like radio, pc or even a good mp3 player but this is rare ( Just like using a asshole for pokeing! ).

Well I am a normal guy ( Just a bit more ‘horny’ then most guy! ) so I will have a DVD player as my source for my HT system. But if I am having a HTiB ( Home Theater in a Box ) then, no need to consider as it included the player as well. Now to buy a DVD I will consider the following point:-

1. The player must be reliable & most importantly must be able to play all sorts of discs. It must be able to play ‘nice movie’ which is normally from ‘china made’ ie not following any ‘international recording standard’. It must be able to play all sort of discs & not choosy. Some banded DVD player are very choosy it that it can only play ‘original’ movie discs.

2. The picture quality must be good. So in this case I will choose only DVD player with HDMI output as I will need it to connected to my flat panel TV ( LCD/Plasma which type I choose will be post up in later post ). DVD with HDMI is the way to go as it cans up-scale DVD quality to 1080p.

3. Sound output. This will depend on your sound system. Does it has 5.1 analogue input? If it does then it is better for u to look for a DVD player with 5.1 analogue output. This will not be a problem if u r using a av receiver as most have digital/optical input. All DVD players have optical output & some better one have both optical & digital output.

So buying & choosing a DVD player is not so complex & most good DVD player with HDMI output are now quite cheap. Beside DVD player u can also consider Blue Ray player. BD movie quality is much better when compare to DVD movie quality.

If u r starting off with a complete new HT system, u can consider having a BD player as more & more BD movie in now available. Besides playing BR disc it can also play back DVD & CD. In most case the DVD picture quality is much better when compared to DVD with up-scaling as it picture processing chip is much better as compared to those in HDMI DVD player.

Beside BD player u can also consider PS3! Yes! PS3 game console, besides playing PS2 game u can also use it to play BD disc. I heard picture quality is very good but I will not consider it as I don’t know if it is reliable when using it to play DVD.

So which to choose? Well I can consider a good banded HDMI DVD player ( mostly likely Pioneer as my present HTiB is a Pioneer but no HTMI ) or a BD player ( It will be super clear to watch BD ‘ahem ahem’ movie! He! He! If got ‘ahem ahem’ BD movie in the first case! ) or even a PS3!

So which will it be? It all boils down to the question of money. These conclude my DIY post on how I set up & choose my HT system. Part I ( Pokeing Sight ) & Part 2 ( Pokeing Sound ).

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