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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nice legs! Hot Legs! Going A-Ga Ga!

Recently I have to be in Kuala Lumpur because ‘My Boss fark/Fcuk Me Strong Strong’ & ‘And Now I FarkMy Boss Back.....Literally’ & while in KL I went to do some ‘windows shopping’! Not actual shopping is being done as my pocket is quite empty.

My friends took me to some shopping mall & left me alone there while he went off to do some businesses. Apparently ‘windows shopping’ is the favorite pass time of the west. I must say it is a good way to spend one free time as there are so many big mega shopping malls.

So many things to see but in my case, can see only, not monies to buy! So after look see look see at all the interesting stuffs I got bored! Can see but cannot buy all no use to me!

So I shifted me attention to ‘chick’ watching! Whoa! I must say KL ladies really know how to dress! Dress to KILL! Hot pants & minis skirts seem to be the favorite dress code for KL ladies! No wander got so many ‘force pokeing’ ( rape ) cases in KL!

From my ‘chick’ watching session I notice one fact! Most KL ladies got very very nice & hot legs! In a few cases I though the ladies are wearing socking but upon closer ‘inspection’ they are not wearing socking! Whoa! They have really slim & long smooth legs! Not like where I cum from, the ladies over here got big & ‘hairy’ legs!

Now I really have an eye full of all sort of nice & hot legs while waiting for my friends to pick me up ( I have no choice but to wait for my friends as I don’t feel safe using taxis. ). Since the shopping mall closed at 10.00 pm I have no choice but to wait for my friend at the entrance by squatting on the entrance stair! He! He! Of cause in squatting position I got to see lots of nice legs view!

Oh! It is not my intention to squat down but my legs gave up on me as I have being wandering for a few hours. But I must say some ladies seem to enjoy showing off theirs hot legs. Yes! I notice some ladies do know that I am attracted to their legs ( Some look back at me cheekily! ). Especially those who waited for their bf at the shopping mall entrance, their bf is sure lucky!

Can see & image only. What to do, KL ladies sure got nice & hot legs! So to all my dear lady readers, how do u made yours legs slim, smooth & fair? Care to teach me some tricks so that I teach that to my gf too???


~YM~ said...

Lol!! if want smooth just use those veets cream lor.. slim n fair ah? ok ok ler, but KL ladies leg has les s shape also.. hmph..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

hi Ym! Wellcum! Using veets got side effect or not???