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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So ‘Dry’! How To Fark?

Can a ‘dry’ hole be farked? YES! I am sure that is what some ‘hamsuplou’ ( horny fellow ) say! But trust me as a ‘fellow’ with some ‘sexperiance’, it is dam painful & not enjoyable! Unless ur ‘bro’ have a ‘blocked head’! So to do pokeing into a ‘dry’ pussy…..u needs ‘lubricant’!

The weather is very very hot lately! It has not rain for more the two weeks! So very very very DRY!!! So very very hot & dry that I don’t feel like pokeing at all! In fact in this sort of hot & dry weather I even feel that my gf pussy is also hot & dry ( Ok! Ok! There is nothing wrong with her pussy! Still hot & wet! It is just the farking hot weather! )! BTW I wander how do desert people do pokeing? So hot & sandy some more!

The weather is so hot that immediately after bath I am all wet with sweat against! In fact this few days I have being sleeping with nothing on! Gf have a nice time ‘playing’ with my ‘bro’ every night! But as I say, the weather is so hot that my ‘bro’ is ‘half-death’ in the hot weather! So how to do pokeing?

So to my dear readers, do u do pokeing in this hot weather? He! He! Looking at the title I am sure some of u thinks how to poke into a ‘dry’ hole! Well maybe I will blog on this subject later! In the meantime I hope for ‘wet’ weather soon! I am all ‘dry’ up now!


Napaboaniya said...

Retaining all strength to simply survive this killer weather... that's something not in thought! *lol*

But there's always the lovable machine called 'Air-Con' leh.
People in the desert, my guess. They spend half their lives hallucinating it's WINTER :P

erinalaw said...

Fix an air-cond lor. Or buy dry ice and place near you bed. hehehe........ ppl in desert use to it liau lor. Btw, how's life getting on?

I'm Choonie. said...

The weather here is damn hot too. My bedroom is the best part of the house. I can have the aircon on full blast. Can poke anytime anyhow here. lol

Bernardine said...

Hahaha, thank you thank you. Yah, it's damn fucking hot here! I also damn DRY di! ): Can wear underwear for 2 days also. Haha.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Napaboaniya! He! He! I am very sure desert people like to have winter!

Hi Erina! Dry ice??? Can use for pokeing arrr? How to use it??? Can teach me arrr??? Aiyoh! Life is not so good! Got a few bad 'happening'( might blog about it! )! Gaji belum naik also!

Hi Choonie! Wah u r lucky! Can on air-con full blast! But do remember if too cold ur hubby 'performance will drop also!

Hi Bernardine! Wellcum! OMG! U r really 'dry'! Undy no need to change! He! He!