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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Woah! U R We*t!!!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! U R Dry!!!

Woah! U r we*t! This will be what a guy will say when he poke in! Ouch! Ouch! U r 'dry' so painful pokeing into u! Not lah he will not say this aloud but u known wan by looking at his 'painful' & 'agonised' face with each poke!!! U are also painfull wan. Oh this is a follow up post from this post What sort of co*ck a lady like ! So this post will be what sort of poosie a guy like to poke into ( He! He! Surprise with this follow up? I am very fair wan, lady first now it is the guy turn! )!!!!

Oh! This is a hor ny post! So little boy please don't read. This post is to be read by 'ripe' reader with 'ripe' thinking ( Sorry arr have to put this warning in so that little boy don't simple go & poke! )!

Like guy's 'equipment' ( of which certain type are perfered by ladies ) so there are also poosie which are preferred by guys! I shall blog on the poosie types here, other factors like big 'nen nen', long legs, smell nice, perfect body shape & so on & so forth are equal or not consider here.

I am sure all guy like a we*t poosie. What do u meant by that? We*t like a we*t sponge? He! He! No lah, what I meant is when a guy poke in his 'equipment' the poosie is we*t with lubricant so he can poke in smoothly. But of cause some ladies are really we*t so u do have to wripe off the we*tness with a towel ( u can even feel her sticky juice flowing down ur 'ball' ). In fact when pokeing a juicy we*t poosie it also got 'pokeing' sound ( even listening to the sound is very good & most 'stimulating' ). Pokeing into a we*t poosie is most enjoyable for both partner.

On the other hand it is.....Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! If u happen to poke into a 'dry' poosie! The poosie is actually not bone dry ( it is still moist ) but the juice she produced are the very 'thick' type ( whitish in colour ) & amount produced are little & since the juice are 'thick' so the hole inside are 'dry'. Yes it is very painful to poke in to such a poosie as the 'head' of a 'bro' is very very sensitive, for lady also painful as the hole lining also sensitive. In fact quite a number of ladies have the problem of 'dry' poosie but they are unaware of it until they get poked ( so first poke already so painful so of cause don't wan to get poked next time as where got enjoyment? ).

So to my lady readers do u have 'dry' poosie? U can find out urself by diy . For first timer the juice maybe thick but the more u 'stimulate' urself the more juicy ur poosie will becum ( please don't poke in ur finger if u want to reserve the original ' quality seal' for ur special bf/hubby ). Eating a lot of juicy fruits also help in having juicy poosie! If after all this diy session still have 'dry' poosie then u can always go to visit a doctor & ask for help or buy pokeing lubricant from a pharmacy store. This should solve the 'dry' poosie pain.

Squeeze! Squeeze! How wonderful if the poosie can also squeeze ur 'bro' strong strong! This wan all poosie can squeeze wan. Is it a strong squeeze or a weak wan? A small hole will of cause give u a strong squeeze. U can do squeezing exercise like sort of when u go peeing ie contracting & relaxing ur poosie muscle ( u can do this any time u wan even when u r sitting in office doing ur work! Nobody will know wan ).

Appearance! Well most Asian have dark colour poosie lips where as Ang Moh wan are pinkish in colour! Some have big lips while some are small. Doesn't really matter as a guy where got hole will poke in wan. But a shaved poosie do look nicer & more appearing ( if the forest down there very dense the guy will feel more like a cow eating grass......I meant hairs, beside this with dense forest he have to do some 'searching' to find the 'hole' ).

A hot poosie ( ladies like a hot rod )! Guy u will know u have a 'cool' co*ck when u poke into a hot poosie! So in this sense only one get to enjoy ( according to my friends who like to poke around, lady with cool hand have hot poosie! I am not so sure about this, can my readers enlighten me on this? )!

A lady will always wan a big & long co*ck! This is just the opposite for guy! He will like to have a lady with small & hopefully not too deep poosie ( if very deep that meant his co*ck is too short ). How do u know how deep a lady poosie is?? As a rough guide u can measure from the tip of ur middle finger to the base of ur palm ( lady take out a ruler & measures..........I am sure at least more then 4 inches......6 to 7 inches even & most ladies have long & slender hands, this wan I heard it somewhere perhaps any doctor among my reader can enlighten me on this ).

Oh for ladies u can have a rough guide on how long a guy's 'equipment' is by looking at his hand, ask him to closed his hand like a fist with the thumb out like showing a very 'good' sign. His 'equipment' length will be from the tip of the thumb to the base of his fist, a rough guide only as is could be a bit longer also ( so ladies look at ur bf hand closely, better still ask him to show a very 'good' sign to u ). Sorry I forgot & left out this inform on What sort of co*ck a lady like .

So a guy will like to poke in a we*t, hot, tight, squeeze poosie! So to my dear readers do u agree with me?


Helen said...

If the guy is not syiok becos it is dry, the guy has to look at the mirror and bear all responsibility. Lousy foreplay lor.. lol

littlepolaris said...

hahahaha thanks for enlightening me with this post! veli veli good wan this time.

Hey must remember guys got 2 brain mah, even if u warn unripe boys also no use bcos hor their small brain down there will react and their bro will do action for them ma! akakaka

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Helen! Actually u r right! It is the guy fault that lady still 'dry'!

Hi Polaris!Aiyoh! I do hope little boy don't simply go & poke after reading this post! I shall not be responsible if he go & poke into a soft drink bottle! He! He!

MonkeyWong said...

Brader, salute u, good one!
Most important is d feel, no feel no syiok ... :P

Daniel said...

hahaha... very good one you wrote there.. u must hv lots of sexperience hor.. hahahaha

W_W_H said...

wakakakakakaaaaa!!! a very good entry indeed and alot of information to pick up from!!!

kudos ang moh!!!!!!!!!!

Honey Bee said...

sometimes licking will help d pussy get wet.
I got stuck in my gf once due to dryness =/
* I found tat gal with wet pussy reach orgasm very quickly*

Chen said...

hahhaa, i thought wat u wanna ask me earlier on :D

The average length of the vagina is 10 cm and majority female has this length. The difference is only 1 to 2 cm in length between individuals.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Monkeywong! U wan no feeling meh???

Hi Daniel! Sexercise is the only exercise I do mah!

Hi W W H! Wah! U learn something arrr? He! He!

Hi Chen! Only 10cm meh??? No wander she say so big!!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Honey Bee! Wellcum! Good for u to do some lic*king! It must have being very painful stuck inside!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

hahahahahaha .... ei pain for guys wan meh... oooo i didnt know wor

Netster said...

Ang Moh really impress me :)

cheers pal!

lovie said...

Interesting post there.
I think foreplay is quite important, let the girl "wants" you, and you'll have a "wet" one.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Slowcatchupkuan! Ah! Now u know! So u have to be 'we*t' loh!

Hi Netster! Wellcum! Tq tq for ur comment!

Ho Lovie! Yalloh! 4play very important wan! Problem is some guy still think it is 'dirty' to lick the 'oyster'!

belle said...

horny ahh!! the estimate with the palm and finger thingy all myth le! baseless wan better don believe lor..

anyway soft bird is cute xDDD i mean well when it fall asleep HAHAHA

L'abeille said...

Most of the time, I have to come into your blog with a pen and a notepad.. After reading and copying down notes, one part of me is we*t...MY right palm! So many things to NOTE DOWN, cute w*t lah!!! hahaha


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Belle! Oh it neant soft diddi???

Hi L'abeille! Aiyah! Not need to use pen lah! Just copy & paste all the usefull & juicy part!

Black_Mamba said...

Good one lol..... Green but altogether funny ;)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Black mamba! Wellcum! Tq for ur comment! Hope it is not too 'hor ny' for ur taste!

Sasha said...

its called KEGAL exercise la.. hahahhahaha

Like Helen say, if the poosie is dry its the guys fault. CORREECT!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah horny!!!

this post is super horny!!

now i know more abt p*ossie!!


have a nice day!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Sasha! Oh! So that is what poosie exercise is called! Kegal exercise! Tq tq for the inform! YalloH1 It is the guy fault that the lady is dry!!! More licky licky!!!

Hi Iwan! U have to learn licky licky!