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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hor ny Gone Shopping!

Shopping! It is normally a lady job ( a job which a lady will enjoy very very much ). Cum Mega Sale time………… is a time which most lady must spend on either buying( that is if money is not a problem ) or just windows shopping. A time which most guy will rather forget but can’t, as he will be constantly be reminded by gf or wify ( so the poor guy have to accompany the lady while she shop to her heart content & have to give his ‘honest’ opinion on how she look on yet another dress she has try on after the pervious one dozen ) ! Oh yes! I know as I have being through all this but what to do this is an ‘art’ which all ‘good’ bf/hubby must learn ( if u don’t………forget ‘pokeing’ ok )!

Now there is another type of ‘shopping’ which is normally done by lady i.e. groceries shopping or day to day shopping.

A lady will chose her shopping very carefully. She will look at the food labels, prices & she will do this at half a dozen different department store located at different part of the city, comparing the same food stuff before she buy the cheapest with the longest expiring date! According to her she have bought a ‘bargain’ as it is the cheapest ( but she never took into consideration the petrol, driving, parking & time spend while she do the comparing )!

Shopping for flesh food stuff??? Like buying an apple for example. A lady will smell, touch, squeeze, pinches, compare the size & might even weight each apple before buying the apple that she likes & she will do all this to each apple she buy! In fact she pay very close & detail attention to all the apples she buy ( how I wish she pay that much attention to my ‘ball’….No no no I meant just close attention like the touch &the smell. I will not want her to squeeze or pinch my ‘ball’ of cause ).

That is how a lady shop or at least that is how my gf do which also include my friend’s gf/wify ( thousand apologies if I have offended ‘sensitive’ lady readers, but I wellcum ur comments on this ).

Now this is how ‘Hor ny Ang Moh’ do his groceries! Prices! The most important factor! As long as the price is cheap all can do wan! For example washing powders………any brand will do so long as it is ‘cheap’( all the 5kg wan compared together, if got 10kg I will buy the 10kg as the bigger package will always be more economy to buy ), smell nice & the location of this ‘shopping’ is near ( that meant the nearest departmental store or on my daily traveling route will do ).

Gf shopping is totally different she will want to use a particular brand which according to her, clean clothing better ( I don’t know, to me a clean undy is a clean undy after being washed by washing machine using washing powder of any brand )!

Buying flesh food? My style is, as long as the veggie look green or the apple is big, look flesh, its goes into my shopping bag ( I must admit ‘accident’ do occur when for example gf ask me to buy corn flour I end up buying wheat flour! So of cause got a bit of ‘lecturing’ from her! How the he*ll do I know the different between corn flour or wheat flour? Look the same to me ) ! No touching, pinching or whatsoever!

So of cause when it cum to me doing shopping, it is all over in less then half an hours! Gf shopping will take at least three time longer!So to my dear readers how do u do ur shopping?


PEARLY said...

when I do my shopping as a women I will try to go with a full tummy then I will not put too much on my trolly check out will be a boom bill to pay so full tummy every nice thing u see u wull say nnnon don't need it so I just woop in and woop out go home be4 my hubby did so I can sit on my pc heheeh when hubby home he had to wait for his turn but sometime he is early then I shit la I got to wait haha

Cocka Doodle said...

Haha! Make sure you don't buy cheap condoms wor. Could be expired liao.

W_W_H said...

cheap cheap might not be good good!!!

littlepolaris said...

=D if i wan to spend my own sweet time buying clothes, handbags etc, i will go alone. So dat i won't waste ppl's time and I dun have to make ppl wait for me and then nag and curse me.

If go with parents, then choose this, choose that, show adorable puppy eyes and the pity face, when dad gives green light, then go cashier pay.

If go with bf of course, see, pick, go straight to cashier and pay.

And of course must choose season to go. When SALES time! I'm a poor girl. no sales = no buy.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Pearly! Wah! U & hubby 'fighting' over computer arrr? Aiyah just buy another wan lah!

Hi Cocka! This wan I buy cheap & 'flesh' wan!

Hi W W H! What to do? Money not enough!

Hi Polaris! Wah ur dad & bf still fall for ur puppy eye trick arrr??
What will u buy next time if give pokeing to bf? He! He!

Anonymous said...

i look at price, quality, neccessity, harmfullness/benefits of the products. if a product is very cheap but it brings more harm than benefits to the user, then no point buying coz u might spend more money to solve the problem (health, skin) the product gives u. these days, if no money cannot fall sick. so ppl, don't bring hazard to your health.

aiyah, condom no need to buy lah! use balloon can already. choose the long & narrow type, cut till suitable length, wear & secure with rubberband. hahahaha...!

u know what? i witnessed an incident that a little girl mistook the colourful packs of condoms as candies & pestered her mother: "mummy, i want..!" but the mummy didn't care to take a closer look at what's the pack & refused to give in to her daughter.

AceOne118 said...

Buy TOP , smells good. kakaka

Shopaholicfern said...

shopping is what women do best, but i won't go from one supermarket to another to compare prices lor...i like hassle-free shopping..specially for toilettries and groceries..hassle-free as in mommy goes out and buy all for me. hahaha...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Anomus! Wellcum! balloon? Where to buy the long & narrow type?? Oh r u a lady?? He! He! Just guessing only.

Hi Ace1! Ok will try top next time! Tq for ur inform!

Hi Shopaholicfern! Wah! U so lucky wan! Mummy buy for u!

PEARLY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PEARLY said...

hi dear : hi we have got 3 PC but the one is fast and easy to used is the same one we love , I had my very own laptop too but so stupid me I don't know how to use the keypad of my laptop so sohaiii me hahah

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello horny,
yeah lah..

i agreed with u..

some ladies hor, go here and make their purchases there just to save a few cents but they forgot petrol lah, distance lah etc..

as for me, i just grab anything..

no need to be so fussy one.


gals can be so difficult at times.


have a nice day!

tanalan2 said...

Aiyor..womens for cheapest. My mum would buy half a dozen of floor detergent etc..if the price is cheap. Then half year no neeed buy.....

sylvesteR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sylvesteR said...

Haha, shopping not only for ladies lar, got guys also like shopping, ehem ehem *coughs* as long as you have 'water'. Got money ar, can shop till your pants drop ar. And, you really funny lar, u can't differentiate corn flour n wheat flour, although cannot pinch or touch, but still.............u know how to READ ma!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Pearly! Me too I don't know how to use touch pad!

Hi Iwan! Yalloh! Most ladies but not all ladies.

Hi Alan! Woah ur mummy like this wan kah!

Hi Sylvester! He! He! Me like this wan! Small tuck shop pack flour in plain plastic bag no lettering so I buy the wrong flour loh!

3POINT8 said... in less than 30mins. Thats pretty fast!!
U scared ppl recognised you in the shopping complex ar?

L'abeille said...

I don't usually shop... but when I shop... I REALLY shop and it will go on and on for at least from 11am to 6-7pm... ngek ngek

belle said...

love on first sight! i don blardee care wat price.wasting time only.
buy expensive better quality ma

cbenc12 said...

i shop more like ur gf than u hahahaa.. i find that shopping is a nice process, be it for clothes, at watson or even grocery shopping.. it makes me happy~ like eating chocolate :D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi 3.8! Normal shopping very fast wan! But shop for handporn or dvd then took long long time!

Hi l'abeille! Wah! Whole day! XT can 'tahan' kar???

Hi belle! If u like die die must buy wan???

Hi Cbenc12! I think most ladies like this wan! Shopping is an enjoyment!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

hmmm... i guess u are right. most of my friends will go take such a long time choosing things. as forthe flesh thingy my mom does it hahaha maybe i'm just too plain lazy or i'm actually a guy trapped in a girls body... i don really like shopping...but then again maybe i'm just too broke all of the time hahahah

littlepolaris said...

horny for that question
ngek ngek of course buy victoria secret lingerie la!~
u din watch victoria secret fashion show on youtube meh?
wah damn sexy and sexciting oh~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Slowcatchupkuan! Too broke?? Ask ur bf lah! He has to learn how to please his lady financially!

Hi Polaris! Aiyah! My 'holy' office banned u-tube so how to see??

lovie said...

I think you're right. Girls take longer time to shop. Most girls anyway. I do have girl friends who hate shopping, and sometimes I do wonder why they hate shopping. Hmmm. Anyway, I also know guys who super love to shop. But most guys will stick to the less-than-half-an-hour-shopping. Hehe.

Fiona D @nnoying @ngelz ... said...

Hmm shopping ah, depend my pocket mood and see whether i lazy or not, if everything perfect i shop 1 or 2 hour lo.. But i know many guy don't so fond of shopping! You so good wor still accompany gf shopping..Not bad not bad..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lovie! Agree with u totally!

Hi Fiona! Me no choice sometime! No follow meant no pokeing!! He! He!