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Monday, April 16, 2007

965P Mainboard, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor & Nvidia 7600 GS Graphics Accelerator

A 'hor ny' review of Intel P965 express chipset based mainboard, Intel Core 2 Dua 2.13ghz processor & Nvidia 7600 gs 512mb graphics accelerator. So my friend bought the above mention computer component & also one 1gb of ddr2 memory as an up-grade of his old computer. So he ask to to install it for him ( as usual I couldn't resist a DIY with the lastest computer hardware ).


What a mouthfull of name! Actually this is the mainboard ( also call motherboard ). This is the main circuit board on which all computer component is attached to. This particular mainboard from Gigabyte is not the top model, it is rank near the top. The top model is not available unless by special order & it will cost a bomb! ( In fact there is only one of this mainboard at the shop as it is quite expensive ).

The most impressive feature of this board is of couse the Intel P965 express chipset. This chipset control all fuction of the mainboard ( sort of like the part of the brain which control bodily function ) & also the mainboard electronic part which is made of high quality material. Eg all capacitor are solid stage ( in this case all the silver small short cylinder like things u see in pic are solid capacitor, nomal capacitor are coloured with a -tive strip on one side ) this made the mainboard more reliable & expensive. Also this board has a build in surround sound output ( imaging playing game in full surround sound but u will have to poke in 6 speaker ). Plus of couse some othe feature like build in network etc. Beside this I like the dark blue colour of the mainboard. The mainboard also support FSB 1333 mhz processor ( this meant it can support high end cpu. FSB meant front speed bus measure in mhz, it actually meant the speed that a intruction is to be carried out from CPU to the mainboard component, like for eg the brain asking your 'bro' to do some pokeing & how fast your 'bro' respond to your brain instruction ). Assessory consist of back panel, sata cable & conventional ide cable ( I expect more than this ) & one driver CD. This mainboard run on the newer 24 pin power supply, luckly it also support the older 20 pins power supply.


Another mouthfull of name ( why don't Intel call it P5 or P4XX as it is sort of 2 P4 on one package ). This is rather confusing, in fact another lower spec Intel cpu is called Intel core 2 processor. As shown in the above pic the cpu cum together with one big heatsink, the cpu itself is about the size of a 50 cents coin. This cpu FSB is 1066 mhz with 2 mb l2 cache ( this is not top of the range intel cpu ). For nomal usage any cpu higher then 2 ghz is more then enought. For faster computer the quality of the mainboard & more importantly the amount of system ram is important.


Yah! Another mouthfull ( why don't they call it geforce gen seven-six?? ). This is the nvidia geforce seven serie graphic card using PCI express slot. This is the latest graphic slot with speed up to 16X whereas the older AGP slot can support up to 8X only. ( All this 16X or 8X sound a bit por*nish but it actually meant how fast the mainboard can pass graphic instruction to the graphic card ). This is a sort of small circuit board to be poke into a slot on the mainboard. As shown in the pic above the card came with a big gold colour heatsink & some sort of cooling pipeing & without cooling fan. The function of graphic card is to produce graphic of couse. The feature of this card is the nvidia 7600gs chipset which is a graphic cpu ( this is not the top range chipset, the eight series is the current top dog & buying it now will cost u an arm & both legs ). Of couse the top range graphic cpu can support even the best pc game there is with all the game graphic option set to full value. I perfer nvidia chipset to other chipset as this is the graphic card supported by almost all pc gamer.The other main feature of this particular card is the 'silent pipe heatsink'. It is silent as there is no cooling fan. The design seem very complicated with a lof of cooling fins ( if this card belong to me I will have a fine time cleaning up those fins ). And this card also cum with a 512 mb of graphic ram. The higher the ram is the better is it performance in gameing especially those 3D RPG game. Together with the card are 2 cd one is the driver disk & surprise, the other is a DVD game 'call of juarez'. Plus one dvd input socket.


Finally I have to mention the small green card shown in the first pic. That is the DDR 2 system ram in this case 1 GB ie giga byte. This small card is an essential part of computer hardware it act as an temporary storage of cpu intruction ( for eg your brain instruct ur 'bro' to go pokeing which ur 'bro' obey but at the same time it send back instruction to unload the cum, of couse the brain don't wan to unload all at one go so it instruct the 'ball' to unloard the cum bit by bit the 'ball' in this case act as system ram. Of couse the higher the ram the better it is, like having a bigger 'ball'. Yah! Yah! I known this is not a very good example to explain the function of system ram but I like to hornyrise any example ).

Putting Together the four component.

For system ram it is a simple case of pokeing the ram to the system ram slots ( there is only one way to slot in, due to a notch on the ram ). For graphic card it is the same case. U poke it in to the PCI express slot.( U only poke in the graphic card when the mainboard is being assemble onto the computer casing already ).

I like the latest design of Intel cpu as pokeing in the cpu is rather simple. As shown in the pic ( sorry the pic is a bit blur as my camera is already 4 years old or maybe I took lousy pic ) the connecting pins of the cpu is on the mainboard called LGA775 ( hundreds of small needles in the cpu bay ) where as the cpu bottom side itself is flat with hundres of small contact points. This made handling the cpu so much easier.( I have to be very careful with the older socket type as hundreds of small pins is on the cpu itself & if one small pin is out of allinement or the pin is broken then kiss that cpu goodbye ). U just put the cpu in its bay in one position due to two notchs on the cpu bay & on the cpu itself. Before u do that u have to remove the protective cover both on the mainboard cpu bay & on the cpu itself. Then just attached the cpu heatsink onto the cpu & mainboard. Care must be taken to ensure that the cooling fan can operate due to its exposed disigne ( actually when I assemble the whole computer one of the power cable stuck the cpu cooling fan luckly I notice in time or else the cpu is a fried wan )

As the above is only an upgrade, the full computer system hardware consist of the following ( the bracket corespond to body par,t well sort off ) :

1.CPU ( brain )
2.Mainboard ( body )
3.System Ram ( 'ball' )
4.Graphic card ( no needed if mainboard got built in, cheapo cpu system ) ( 'bro' )
5.Hard disk ( stomach )
6.CD rom ( mouth )
7.A-drive ( small mouth )
8.Computer casing including power supply ( clothing & heart )
9.Keyboard & mouse ( hand & leg )
10. Monitor

Feel free to coment & advice if the above information or example use is incorrect as I am just an amature ( using 'hor ny' example )

To be continue...............


PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Sigh! Boring. Psst! Did you watch the latest tv series Rome? Sex scenes day in day out! Hahaha! I haven't watch it though. But recommended by a friend.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Purple! Yah I know boring to u loh. So u got any idea how to spice it up?? I mainly watch animal world, discovery & Ngeo. Some sence especially animal world most stimulating.

Nonnie King said...

I still love Asus board over Gigabyte.

Die hard Asus fan here. =p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Actually I perfer MSI. Asus very expensive.

lovegoddess said...

all the canggih terms for the comp tech stuff, i m tongue tied :) & lost.. cuz i'm a techno-sloth :( DDR,FSB sound like an elite police force

whoaa.. horny you're good at complicated comp stuffs too ya :)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Horny, saw today's Few malaysians satisfied with their sex life. Maybe you should blog abt this. Haha.

Calvin's Wife said...

cheyy... somebody got a new set of tech stuff!! *grins*

Me also prefer Asus motherboard.. :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lovegoddess! Tech stuff me known so so only lah.
Purple! Hi! Hi! U wan some hor ny entry issit??
Hi Calvin's Wife! The tech belong to mine friend hope I will get mine once I save up enought money.
Have a nice day everyone.

Russ said...

Wah, very technically inclined lah u horny.. and very detailed.. :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Russ! I just type what I know & hope it is usefull to my reader.