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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


A continuation from last entry...

After setting up all the hardware it is time for the installing of the computer programe ( it is useless haveing the best hardware if it is 'brainless' ), this is a important stage as it show how good the hardware really is & if the hardware is defective.

Programe installed are Windows XP service pack 2 ( I intended to installed windows vista but I heard that it is full of bugs ), windows office 2003 & some high end pc game. I am disappointed as installing the XP took more the 15 mintes ( I compare to a older system using AMD 3 ghz, which took about 10 mintes to install ) & I also don't like the format in installing the driver for the mainboard & graphic card ( I compare to MSI system ). Once the installation is complete I didn't not feel that the computer operated in anyway different as compared to older system like the AMD system. In fact booting up is a bit slower then the AMD. Apart from this the game play beautifully. I suppost this is due to the graphic card. As mention the graphic card use silent pipe in the heatsink without the use of cooling fan so of couse the cpu operated silently. But I did touched the graphic card is very hot. So hot that I almost burn mine finger ( I believed I can cook egg on this heatsink if I can of couse ). And finally I must say that the latest Intel powered system no longer support windows 98 or Me.

Overall I am disappointed with Intel ( luckly the system is not mine ). So if I want to upgrade my computer system, it will be AMD.


Sharon said...

oh oh intel in danger..even dell also using amd now

Boss Lepton said...

Hor ny, plzz plzz give some feedback on my little initiative - Project MORSEHACK.

I say linux rulez and we gotta teach the next generation that linux pwnz microsoft

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Yes sharon I alway AMD as it is no so hot as compare to the old model.
Bossy I put my coment hope it is usefull.