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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lady Wearing Ultra Short Skirt!!! Aiyoh!!!

I am having my breakfast at my usual coffee shop, nothing unusual or fanciful just a plate of ‘kampua’ ( foochow noodle ) & my ‘tea pang’ with ‘susuh banyak’ ( ice tea with lot of milk ) when on the next table a lady cum & sit on the next table facing me!

Woah! A rather tall lady with a nice body shape ( ‘nen nen’ not too big, the firm type ) with a pair of long se*xy leg!!! She is wearing ultra short skirt!! Once she sit down she cross her leg! Due to her very short skirt I even have a flash of her panty ( pink in color )! Woah her leg is silky smooth even without her wearing panty hose!

Once she sit down & cross her leg she do what all lady do when wearing short skirt! She try to pull down her skirt! Aiyah if u wants to pull down ur skirt why do u wear a short skirt in the first place! It is like u want to show off & yet u don’t want to do it! After a while she uncrossed & crossed her other leg! Aiyoh she do this several time!

Dam! I am having my breakfast! With her crossing & uncrossing her leg how can I concentrate on my breakfast ( I do suspect she is enjoying herself showing off! Oh yes! I think she did notice I am having ‘difficulty’ having my breakfast! ) ?

In fact I do accidentally use my chopstick instead of spoon when I want to drink the soup! It is a wander that I didn’t eat through my nose! It is not a big surprise that 'accident' do happen when ladies dress to killed! We men get killed literately!

Oh yes! This time I don't go & tell her ' Lady I can see ur panty!' Not like this entry when I am a good boy & kaypot ( busybody ) & say to the lady ' Lady I can see ur 'nen nen '! Once slapped! Now forever clever wan!

Ladies! Why are u like this???!!!


haan said...

horny ang moh, you should drop her your blog URL, and ask her to check during her lunch time today. maybe she will answer u, and has no chance to slap u!!! haha..

aiden said...

no pictures ar ?

AceOne118 said...

Did you eat with your chopsticks upside down? kakakaka

adrian said...

Aiyah, why u never call me. :P

Jian said...

Kampua? O.o
jeng're in east Sarawak eh?

Random guessing haha..

I bet both your kampua and soup is red in color XD haha all from ur nose bleed 1

ShuKuen7788 said...

i haiving this kampua too for today breakfast leh..
why i didn't see a ultra short skirt infront me leh?
aiks aiks...
btw, you foochow ppl?
me foochow leh..
in sitiawan!! you?

Fahriee said...

LOL. Reli shud have pictures. xD

Daniel said...

i also got see in a pub b4 when the lady dressed to kill in "transparent" clothe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Hann! R u nut!! The first u did will be to inform my gf! Next I will be 'kill' by gf! Next 'Hor ny Ang Moh' will died!!! He! He!

Hi Aiden! Wellcum! No camera! handporn lousy wan no color & no camera also!

Hi Ace1! He! He! My noodle arrive first!

Hi Adrian! I llok see look see so forgot to call u loh!

Hi jian!Wellcum! U r right! Kampua is red with cili source mah! Luck no nose bled!

Hi Shukuen7788! U also foochow! Me from S'wak at the moment! He! He! U go to KFC then sure got lady in short skirt!

Hi Fahriee! Ok next time buy camera handporn! Then I took pic!

Hi Daniel! Wah u even better! Did u ask her how much she charge for PPP ( pay per poke )!!!

How cum this post only guy respond arrr??? Lady no comment???

Nonnie King said...

Maybe she's hinting you by flashing?
Eh, free meal also don't want ah you

[fong88] said...

muz be she purposely crossed her leg so many times 4 u to see wan..hahahaha..

Iwan Sanchez said...

hahahaa! horny,
gf not with u ar??

i not, gf will slap u.. hehehee!

have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

wah .. another random guess, u must be either in sibu or bintulu. I think that's the only place got kampua, other than that all kolok mee .. which i think not nice .. ha ha ha.

but bro, ur blog keep me healthy. enuff horny dosage aledi

Chee Hoe said...

Next time you should wear sunglasses. Then she won't know you are looking at her and you can stare without needing to blink!

Farhah said...

haha, your name tells it all, horny angmoh. haha!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Nonnie! Free meal of cause want lah! But this 'meal' disturb my real meal lah!

Hi Fong88! He! He! I think so or maybe she is itchy???

Hi Iwan ! Me alone at that time!!

Hi Cibol! Somewhere around sibu! He! He! Happy u r healthy! So no mc??

Hi Chee Hoe!Wear sun glass eat noodle??? Look very not right lah!

Hi Farhah! Wellcum! Tq for ur comment!

lankapo said...

horny, have u watch "sex is zero"
there is a scene same like you describe lor hhehe

are u sure she is wearing any panties :)

remember basic instinct

Helen said...

Hahha I'm NOT like this.

Not that I dun want to lar.. my legs too short. :-P

3POINT8 said...

Aisay...ppl like you should invest in a good DSLR!

x said...

wukakakkaa...extra stuff for your breakfast...your breakfast must taste extra special....

3point8: slr too big, invest in something sleek and small easy to take picture :P

ShuKuen7788 said...

Why KFC leh?
When wan come Sitiawan try Sitiawan Kampuang? Gimme a call leh.. Maybe i got chance to see Ultra short skirt leh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lankapo! What show is that?? I am sure she got wear panty wan! Unless she shave off down there! basic instine wan no clear!

Hi Helen! Ur leg short?? Where got short! U r very cute!

Hi 3.8! DSLR cost a bomb! How to buy???

Hi X! I don't remember how my breakfast taste like!!! Look see look see! U r right! Maybe next time buy a good camera handporn!

Hi Shukuen! KFC b'cos upstair all glass windows! Can see lady 'run light'!!

So to all my ladies reader don't sit near KFC low windows!

MiN said...

maybe you ate with ur nose bleeding without realizing since the food is red in colour...

motd said...

You have all this lucky encounters!

Wish I have your good fortune!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Min! He! He!

Hi Motd! Wellcum! Tq for ur wish!
Same to u!

SilverIsle said...

LOLz. You had extra taufu for your breakfast. =P

The Horny Bitch said...

Haha. u muz be staring lor..

I'm Choonie. said...

Morning breakfast and appetizer!!! Nice... (Borat style)
Can cuci mata, not good meh?
If she wears short short, then u stare stare lar...

W_W_H said...

wah!!!!!!!!! i wanna join u for your breakfast tomolo can arr??? i wanna see also long long and crossing legs!!!

Anonymous said...

ic ic .. lidat very easy la. cny I come ur house .. ha ha ha .. oh ya, did u enjoy the view? i am sure u did .. ha ha ha. greatest view .. fiuh. how come only u can have these kind of experiences. I very seldom .. nasib not nice

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Silverisle! He! He! Taufu!!!

Hi Horny Bitch! I look see look see don't darn to stare! But hard to have my breakfast like this!

Hi Choonie! He! He! Special breakfast!

Hi W W H! Today I not see her no more!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cibol! He! He! My friend tell me if everyday have such view buy 4D will never cum out wan! Don't know true or not as I seldom buy no!

lankapo said...

type sex is zero at youtube
u can see alot of its clip

a korean movie same like american pie

lovie said...

Maybe she likes you? Hehe.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lankapo! Oh! Ok tq for the inform!

Hi Lovie! He! He! If no gf I don't mind dropping down to her sexy leg!!!

Johnny Ong said...

hahaha, can imagine what u went thru. one day when me/grp of colleagues were having lunch, a quite a big size lady sat facing us and she cross-legged 'guy style' where the leg was like resting on the other leg just like a guy and it was fully exposed.

it spoilt our lunch!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Johnny! Ha! Ha! Big size lady! He! He! What if it is a se*xy lady! Ur lunch will not be spoiled!