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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Can See Your Breast! Nice ‘Nen Nen’!!!

Ladies! Why do they dress to ‘kill’!!! Don’t they know we guy get into all sort of trouble when we stare at u ladies ( Very dangerous when u r driving! Almost kiss into the car as*s in front several time because of se*xy ladies on the road! )!!!! Oh! Yes! All mature guys are like that including old fellow! Unless that fellow is only interested in ‘banana’! I am very sure that ladies know this & the effect on how they dressed have on the guy!

That is why if they have nice leg they like to wear short skirt! Now if they have nice or big ‘nen nen’ they like to wear low cut! But sometime ‘accidental’ exposure do occur even when the lady have no intention of showing off!

T-shirt! It sure feel nice to wear big size t-shirt, but then it does create accidental exposure though the large open collar ( That is why some ladies use the hand to covered the neck line when they bent down, which to a guy is annoying action, it is like telling the guy ‘ I know u r watching’ ! ) and also though the large opening of the sleeve ( from this we can see the color of the bra & even part of the cup depending on the angle )! Oh! Also we guy can see if this lady shave their armpit or have hairy armpit ( To me very yucky )!

Now if a lady purposely wear low cut then please by all meant show off ur nice ‘nen nen’ & don’t spoiled it by covering it with ur hand! It is like watching a heavily censored movie!

Being a good boy & a gentlemen I once kind heartedly informed a lady…. ‘ Excuse me! I can see ur ‘nen nen’ can u……….’ SLAP!!!!! That is what I get before I can even finished my sentence! Actually what I want to say is I can see ur ‘nen nen’ because ur bra slip! (Yes she is wearing a large & loose t-shirt so can see quite a bit! & she is bending down buying fruits & u know ladies when buying fruits very choosy wan! )

See being kind hearted don’t bring good deed! So from that day on I just enjoyed the view & keep my big mouth shut!

Now to all my lady readers what will u do if a nice gentlemen ( that is me lah ‘Hor ny Ang Moh’ ) say to u :-

‘ Excuse me lady! I can’t help but see ur breast! Can u cover it? Oh! U have a very nice breast!’ ????

To my guy readers! What will u do?

Please do comments! Nothings to be shy about & it will be a nice topic to 'cover'!!! Tq in advance for all ur invaluable comments! Have a nice day!


haan said...

answer from girl: just say a simple "thank you" loh. it's not the guy's fault for seeing (natural response what). the girl also has the responsibility under such condition.

answer from boy: say nothing lar. just continue watching. will get bored one day (and look for other ones). no need to bear the risk of being hated, claimed as "colourful wolf" or anything.

Anonymous said...

aiyo .. you shoud've just stay quiet and enjoy the show la. or maybe the nicest things to say is

"boy those boobies looks heavy, can I hold em for you?"

In a very gentleman way of course

he he he he ..

cheers dude!

belle said...

i do wear low sometimes dowan wear bra but the nipple pad.=D
if i don show now i cant show in next 20 years.RITE ANOT?
the best is wearing very short skirt and seamless lacey panties almost like supershortpants but can see butt cheek wan..muahahhaa so when i sit can see abit of black lace

HOW BOUT THAt? WHICH IS BETTER? nen nen or can see abit of panties? xD

*but too bad...i got bodyguard wan HAHAHAHHA xD

FoxTwo said...

I'd just continue to see :) Free show lei!

Berberboo said...

i experienced it before la... haha... my answer to that guy... "apa tengok tengok? you mau ka? pergi tanam sendiri la"... LOL... that was my answer... haha... and he was actually quite fat... so expected he has nen nen... and he answered me back... " tak apalah... i tengok saja... mine too big not nice too see"... i felt like slapping his face... haha

Fahriee said...

Hahaha. This actually reminded me of the time during camp where I was playing a game with this girl..we were on a chair trying not to fall..she was sort of bending over so can see lor..what to do? just say sorry la. good thing she was the sporting type. xD

LOL @ cibol's comment, btw..ahahha..

pamsong said...

Nen nen.
Nen nen.
Nen nen.

Why do I find that word funny!? Nen nen nen nen nen nen!!! Haha.

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello horny,
but some girl purposely bent and show the guys their nen nen lei..

maegen said...

*slap slap slap* you don't know turn another side ah ??? muahaa~~

a simple thank you should do ! but does there will really have someone outside do tell the girls like dat ?? never saw as i'm not exposed at all ~ haa~ but there still some girls purposely do let u see some "cup" perhaps..

Kelvin AKA MiN said...

LoL...i saw many of funny funny comments..
To girls: Jaga sikit lo...=="
Erm...Erm...tats all =X

flux said...

the comments are hilarous la..if me, i would just enjoy the view la..u show we see la..

the girls wont thank you for giving a compliment on her boobs la..they should feel proud that their boobs are attracting guys wat..

W_W_H said...

nen nen!!! Hmm......... from a baby to old junk/man, all of us need it!!! don't u agree??? ;)

Anonymous said...

nen nen .. I just love the word, It's so .. cute.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi haan! Ha! Ha! colorful wolf!! He! He!

Hi Cibol! I haven't finished yet already get slapped!!!

Hi Belle! Both I wan!!! Wah laueh! U bad bad! How many guy nose bled over u R??? Can post up ur pic???

Hi Fox2! U see like a fox???

Hi Berberboo! He! He! What u will do if he say 'I want to see mah! U r beautiful arrr! I see ur u see mine can or not???'

Hi Fahriee! Wellcum! Wah u lucky got spoting girls! Only see arrr no more???

Hi Pamsong! Wellcum! 'nen nen' meant breast & can also meant milk!In a lot of Chinese dialect!

Hi Iwan! Just see loh! U don't want to get slapped like me do u?

Hi Maegen! Aiyoh! For u I see see only! Afraid slapped by u!

Hi Kelvin1 Wellcum! He! He! U like the comment so far?

Hi Flux! Yalloh! Nowadays just see only!

Hi W W H! Wah u want old jug also!

Hi Ciboi! U like nen nen!!!! We guy all love nen nen!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

can see cannot touch!

Anonymous said...


At first I thought you are a naughty guy talking about naughty stuff. But then after reading it I feel... isn't it me too?

I admit, bearing in mind that I may get some bad look from my reader for peeking at your blog, but it's true.

For this particular case, I say you are very bravo for saying it out to that lady. And I'm so glad I hear your story, so I will not speak to any stranger like you did.

I'm a jealous guy so I will never let my girlfriend/wife wear like that.

I think it's the girl's responsibility to dress up properly. If they wear like what yous aid then it's their own intention to get peeked. And yes, I bet they are sex addicted. So why don't you act like one?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Slowcatchupkuan! He! He! U r very sporty! So may I have an eyeful!

Hi Binh Nguyen! Wellcum! He! He! Tq for ur comment! For me it is ok wan ladies are free to wear what they want! No need to wera even better!!! He! He! We normal aren't we? So of cause se*x addicted!!!

Have a nice day my dear readers!

zewt said...

hahahaha... next time u see ... dont tell la... just enjoy... what's the purpose of telling when u get a slap?

Fahriee said...

LOL! sporting oso cannot do more than see ma..if i do "more" to other girl..d other girl don't slap me, bt my gf slap me how leh? xD

Fiona D @nnoying @ngelz ... said...

Better don't tell la, tell the girl also will shy 1 ma! Apa lar..If guy tell me don't know should i scold them or what le..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Zewt! I am a good boy mah! But get slapped instead!!!

Hi fahriee! Don't see in front of gf!!! If u do in front of ger sure get slapped by gf wan!

Hi Fiona! Wah u also show show arr??? He! He! Just pretend u don't know that guy is looking lah! But I known inside u feel very syok wan got guy looking at u!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha .. looking at all the comments really make me laugh dude. It makes me want to come here everytime. :)

Abby said...

*faints* of course women will slap you. you just keep quiet better lor.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cibol! So u like the comment?

Hi Abby! Wah laueh! Ok! Ok! Next time I just see & keep quite!!

:: Nicole :: said...

sometimes i don't know why.. some girls like to show off their cleavage BUT at the same time, they'd be shy and cover with hand.. or some, they'd be wearing a tube or bra when they wear bareback! i mean, come on.. what's the point? if u're not 'brave' enough to wear a bareback without bra then don't wear it.. simple

lankapo said...

Your entrecard when I click it
"Page not found

The page you're looking for does not appear to exist."

Anonymous said...

shut ur big mouth for the good of the mankind.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Nicole! Totally agree with u! This is ur strong point! I can see why Russ love u!

Hi Lankapo! My card got problem???

Hi Anomus! Wellcum! Yallo! After get slapped so of cause shut up!!!

lovie said...

You should just watch and keep quiet. =)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lovie! Yes! I just see next time!

Berberboo said...

to horny : haha... if he wants to see ar? i say u give me urs then i give u mine then we see la!!! haha

to fahriee : ahem fahriee... i know who is that sporting girl you were talking about... she is my friend la... BLEK...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Berberboo! Aiyoh! He! He! Maybe next time if I meet u I shown u my 'nen nen' but please don't slap me Ok! Then u show me urs!!!???
Ha! Ha! Don't worry! I wouldn't do it as gf 'control' me very tight wan!