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Sunday, December 16, 2007

'Nen Nen'! Breast! How is it? Painful???!!!

‘Aunty’ cumming already ( monthly period )? To most lady there are some sort of indication that her ‘aunty’ is paying her monthly visit! They might have painful ‘nen nen’, headache, very choosy in food or have mood swing from a cheerful person to a very moody wan & temper is on short lease! He! He! This wan all lady have ( So if a lady is very moody & bad temper then it is likely she is having her period. So it is the best policy for guy to give in to her demand! )!

So it is near the ‘month-end period’ or in this case mid-month as gf have her period sometime around this time last month! It just happen her ‘aunty cum’ indication is a ‘painful nen nen’ so that is why I want to know how is her ‘nen nen’?

Painful ( actually just a bit pain or tender not very very painful ) meant green light! All system go! No restriction! No ‘safety bag’ ( con*dom )! Maximum enjoyment for both of us!

In most case her ‘nen nen’ is quite accurate by giving a few day of intensive pokeing ( fuc*king ) but on a few occasion, no indication at all ! So before I know it, she is in her ‘off period’ or in worse case 'something extra' while I am pokeing! Or I will be having this nightmare !

To all my lady readers what is ur indication? To my guy readers do u know when is ur gf ‘off period’ or her ‘aunty is cumming’ indication?


Anonymous said...

really ah? I really wan to know .. quite stupid at this chapter actually. Ha ha ha .. ur the sifu. wait for others to comment.

mr fong said...

Oops... I dont know until she tell me leh.

Abby said...

HAHAHA.. enuff abt nen nens can or not?! nen nen wil pain one meh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cibol! He! He! U ask ur gf lah!

Hi Mr Fong! Wah! Gf say not pokeing!!! So u know lah!!! U record the date then u know liew!

Hi Abby! Some lady no pain wan! So I think ur no pain so u got mood swing???

Netster said...

a bit blur... don't know what you mean hahahahah

:: Nicole :: said...

u're right.. my boobs will be tender and painful when the 'time' is near! hehehe :P

lankapo said...

There are a few risks to sex during menstruation.

* Many STD organisms thrive in the rich menstrual flow, so any STD contracted is likely to be worse than if contracted while you were not menstruating.
* HIV is more easily passed from an infected woman during her menses.
* Herpes infections often flare up during menstruation, making transmission easier.
* Some scientists believe that sex during menstruation puts a woman at higher risk of pelvic inflamitory disease.

It should also be noted that, even though this is the time when a woman is least likely to become pregnant, it is not impossible. Don't use menstruation as a contraceptive, because it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

wah .. dem a lot I learnt oledi ... very informative ur blog and also ur comentors / or is it commentators? WTF care anyway ..

J@n!ce said...

Interesting hor ny site.... keke
Thanks for your comment over at mine :)

W_W_H said...

haiyo, no indication woh so far... how lah ang moh???

L'abeille said...

Where got pain one..hehe.. only 'his' neh neh pain lar..cos I get mood swing and pinch 'him' instead Muahahaha

littlepolaris said...

wah my nen nen no pain wan wor only bad mood swing and stomachache. ahaha I always thot i have gastritis but it's not.

Kenny Ng said...

errr... errr... I don't need to know right now, anyway... I like nennen!!! Kekeke... Have a great holiday ya!

lankapo said...

horny my friend,
I paste itu just for reminder maa heeh from a caring friend to you.:)

because pok*eing till u see blood is like eeerwww hehe

I actually could not find ur very detail intimacy post untill yesterday hehe

i wonder if ur gf find out haiyaa
sure tiaw lah u

Daniel said...

hahaha.. i oledi find out way way b4 i 'do' it.. hahaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Netster!He! He! Ask ur gf!

Hi Nicole! Wah! U r like ny gf!

Hi lankapo! Tq for the inform! Me no purpose do pokeing during that period as very yucky & bloody! But 'accident' do occur!!!

Hi Cibol! Wah u learn a lot arrr???

Hi Janice! Wellcum! Tq for ur comment!

Hi W W H! Wah ur wify no incication wan arrr??? Sure or not!

Hi L'abeille! Aiyoh! U pinch ur bf nen nen kar??? Wah Laueh! Painful nen nen how he do pokeing???

Hi Polaris! Wah mood swing plus stomachache!!! U will be one mean lady at month end!!!

Hi Kenny! He! He! All men like nen nen wan!!!

Hi Lankapo! That is why me very afraid discovered by her or friend who know me in real life! For sure 'tiew kaw kaw' & also get 'paranged'!!!

Hi daniel! Wah u r very 'advance' wan!!!

Netster said...

I know nen nen will pain de... but don't understand what it has to do with the SEexercise. hahahahaha

you mean to prevent pregnancy is it? :)

J@nice Hi hahahah didn't know you will bump into this Hor ny guy LOL


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Netster! He! He! What I meant is 'nen nen' painful meant unrestricted pokeing for a few day before 'aunty' cum!