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Monday, December 10, 2007

I Want A Boy/Girl……….

Or maybe boy or girl will do! A mission which every married couple must accomplished ( Or else why do they get married in the first place! Ok! Ok! Banana get married to banana or poosie get married to poosie is the exception )! Oh some couple accomplished this mission even before they get married! So should I say Congratulation! Or should I say Oops ( pokeing accident lah )!

Boy or girl are decided by the fellow up-stair ( God ) by the ‘holy’ peoples or it is the fault of the mother ( by the mother in law ) if the mummy keep on having girls or boys. It is the law of the nature that there are more ladies then guy so that the human race will still be around ( I think no problem with this as human favorite pass time is pokeing ) just like in the animal kingdom ( from what I watch in animal channel ). There are goodness in having boy or girl . But it need not be this way! Yes! They are ways on how to have baby boy or girl! So maybe we ‘adjust’ the natural law a bit.

I want Boy!

Pokeing for boy u need co-operation by both partners. First, by nature boy ‘swimmer’ ( spe*rm ) is a bit low compare to girl ‘swimmer’. So the first thing a newly married couple must do is to stop pokeing! Yes I know this is a tall order! Just married so of cause pokeing is top priority! Poke 5 time a day ( morning 1 time, afternoon 1 times, night 3 times ) is normal lah! So after so many pokeing, ‘bullet’ supplies very low or diluted already. Beside no pokeing very hard to resist wan ( wify going about the house nakel or dressing in front of hubby or hubby shaking his ‘bro’ in front of wiffy so how not to do pokeing? )!

But u do want to have a boy don’t u? So not pokeing for two weeks at least! One month will be better! So by now the hubby will have a very concentrated ‘bullet’ ( thick, milky & have a heavy smell ). Also now he will be very very 'hor ny' already as 'bullet' supplies is full! This will help in the following part!

Next pokeing have to be fast but not furious! What I meant by this is the guy must poke in & poke in deeply & shoot out his entire ‘bullet’ as quickly as possible! Yes! I know this is hard to do! Pokeing has to be in out in out at least a few minutes before can cum mah! But wify can assist by doing a good & long bj ( lic*king & suc*king hubby's 'bro' )to the hubby! As soon as he is going to shoot……….he must poke in & shoot! Remember he must poke in as deep as possible as apparently ‘boy’ swimmer is a bit lazy & don’t swim very fast thus the hubby must poke in fully ( so that boy 'swimmer' don't have to swim very far to poke into the egg ) so the best position is the ‘missionary’ position ( do*ggy position can poke in deep but then all the precious ‘bullet’ will flow out )! That is what he must do!

Now for the wify! She must be ‘dry’! Yah! I know this is hard to do also! Even while doing bj already very w*et! So wify ( mainly done by hubby as wify so ‘high’ already she just eager for pokeing ) must wipe off all the w*etness! The w*etness of a lady is acidic which kill off most boy ‘swimmer’! This is why she must be as dry as possible. So pokeing for boy is no fun at all!

Once the pokeing is done the wify must lay on her back with a small pillow on her small back so that the precious ‘bullet’ will not flow out of the poosie. That is she sleep with her b*utt higher the her head!

Timing! But this I meant the time to do pokeing! Pokeing for boy is to be done just after the mid period between the visits of the monthly ‘aunty’. For example the period is 30 days so the best time for boy pokeing is 18 days onwards ( wify will be most ‘hor ny’ by days 15 days ). So for the next few days the hubby must do one pokeing per nights using the above method. That is fast but not furious!

I want a girl!

It is just the opposite for the boy. Pokeing is most enjoyable ( I suppose that is why most newly married couple have girl first! Ok! Ok! Some couple do start off with boy! Maybe the guy is a fast poker or the lady has dry hole? He! He! Maybe just not very good in pokeing as first time mah! So have a quick poke! But they have girls afterward as pokeing sexperiance improved ).

Pokeing timing is from days 10 onwards as a ladies is now very ‘ripe’ to be a mummy which is why she is also very ‘hor ny’ at this period.

So it is easier to have girl then boy. That also happens to be the law of nature.

The above method is no fool proves but it did increase the chance of having boy or girl instead of 50/50 chance. Some of my friends have tried it out & are happy with the result. There are other methods but the above are ‘Hor ny Ang Moh’ method! So u can try it out! What have u got to loose? So if u r successful after trying out, a comment is highly appreciated! He! He! After all free pokeing lesson is available here.

Oh! This post is being posted by popular request by my dear readers. So feel free to comment.


Miss Loi said...

If this really works, you should publish a paper and present it at some medical conference (and get rich in the process) and every couple in China will go for Method 1 and an entire generation of baby girls will be lost.

Helen said...

Kakaka you sure or not?

You can start birth consultancy firm soon... lol

Sasha said...

wrong wrong wrong....sperm swim slower so need to "help" abit by tilting the buttock higher after ejacula*ted and remain like that for a while...then the sper*m X will swim towards the egg. And need to eat alot of fish.......if want girl need to cut on fish and that lor.
after i get girl edi i tell u correct ot not ok.hahah

Iwan Sanchez said...

sometimes i wonder does the gender of the baby can be determined.. hahaha!

if so, i want a boy!!

have a nice day!

lankapo said...

haha horny so expert are u, any prove n theory...hehe

dont believe lah, its still up to God. He will determine your child gender.

base on my personal experience :)

during my wife pregnancy, all of my friend, relative,my atok also said that my daughter is a boy hehe

base on shape of tummy,dont want to solek2, dunt want to go to the kitchen hahaha

lovie said...

Such an expert, do the methods work? =p
I want a girl, what about you horny?

Mon said...

It is the FATHER's fault. You see all egg cells have x chromosomes while sperm cells are either x or y. This ensures that if ever a sperm unites with an egg the product will either be xy(MALE) or xx(FEMALE) child. I mean this prevents a devastating possibility of a mutant with a yy chromosome.

Mon said...

ACtually having sex at a three day interval is the best. I mean during that time the semen is less viscous and the sperm are perfectly matured, not too young or too old.

You cannot choose the gender or the sex of your child by mere scheduling your sexual intercourse... whoever sperm swims the fastest and is the strongest first reach the egg and fertilize. A child is a gift from GOD be it a boy or a girl. Be happy. :)

Susanno said...

Great write and so refreshing LOL

I love it

Daniel said...

hahaha... u sure or not..? If u publish ur 'horny book' i'll b ur 1st customer man... hahaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Miss Loi! This method is being proven but thought pokeing & co-operation between couple only! No applicable in china lah! Over there many PRC ladies provided pokeing lesson so how to apply?

Hi Helen! Me very sure wan! Result is good! Lowly educated with pokeing sexperiance so cannot get license!

Hi Sasha! Yalah! I know sperm swim slow slow but male sperm swim slower the female sperm so have to poke deep deep wan & buttock have to put sky high! He! He!

Hi Iwan! U wan a boy! Not pokeing for at least two week woh! U 'tahan' or not!

Hi Lankapo! Wah so u end up with a boy instead! So u pokeing very fast wan?? Aiyah can share how u poke to have a boy?

Hi Lovie! U wan girl no problem wan! The chance of having girl is higher then boy! And U get to enjoy it also!

Hi Mon!Wellcum! He! He! But we can 'adjust' the chance of having boy or girl mah! But for boy at least two week no pokeing then poke at three day interval is also applicable but the most guy poke in strong strong as more then two week no poke so very very hor ny already!

Hi Susanno! Warm wellcum! He! He! Happy u like it!

Hi Daniel! This wan is ture & proven! U can try it wan! No harm to try & I don't charge u fee mah! Give it a try & tell me the result!

W_W_H said...

wakakakaka!!!!!!!!! lidat also can arr??? wei ang moh, does eat more oyster can affect the outcome wan arr???

belle said...

yayayayayyayayaa horny sifu HAHAHA
agree u should open up a sex sex consult sfirpm HAHHAHA

Berberboo said...

haha... i like the part where u say boy swimmers are very lazy... HEHEHE... lazy bums... blek

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi W W H! He! He! Which type of 'oyster' r u refering toooo!! 'Oyster' with two leg???

Hi Belle! No education cert how to open shop???

Hi Berberboo! He! He! This wan is true wan!

AceOne118 said...

Wokeh! Noted!!!! kekeke

:: Nicole :: said...

wah! maybe i should follow this 'recipe'.. hahaha!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Ace1! He! He! U try it out.

Hi Nicole! Remember pokeing for boy is quick & not fun!

Anonymous said...

Bullshit! There are more men than women in Malaysia (check here However, women outnumber men in city like KL. Why? Because men are lazy snob who can't fend for themselves! Enough said.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Anomus! Wellcum! He! He! From normal observation it seem that there are more ladies around! But it depend on where u look also! Have a nice day & tq for ur comment!

L'abeille said...

Wah nowonder ask me to come here instruction/recipe to make baby wor! LOL

Now only i know 'boys' are lazy even before they became human :p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi L'abeille! Aiyoh! Don't be like that lah! Boy swimmer have to fight among themself to get in mah!