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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Want To Die!!! Fuc*ked & Dumped!!

‘I want to die! I must have him, why did he treat me so after what I did to him! Life is so meaningless! I want to die!!!!!!!!’

This is what a thirty something teacher utters while she try to commit suicide! She want to die because her bf dump her! Oh yes they have being ‘staying together’ ( as in pokeing 24/7 )! This would have being quite a ‘normal’ scenario of lady committing suicide after a guy dump a lady ( usually after being poked or staying together )! But this case is ‘unusual’ as the guy is a young fellow………..half the age of the lady teacher!

Yes! This is a case of a ‘teacher & student love affair’! Except the teacher is a lady falling in love with a student. There have being case of teacher pokeing student or teacher being poked by student but a lady with intention of having this young student as hubby is rare!

So this is what happen! The reason given by that young man is ‘I have grown up’!!!! Yeah! I am sure he must have poked around after gaining sexperiance! No doubt he find himself the laughing stock by his friend also! And being a young men with an immature thinking this outcum is of cause expected!

Oh the teacher teach biology! And she did conducted tuition class after school! So I supposed for this fellow she not only conducted theory but also 'practical' aspect to him also ( How I wish my biology teacher did that to me also! Then I wouldn't have to lost my 'first time' at an old age of twenty something! )!

So who is to be blamed? My horny opinion is, it is the teacher fault! Getting a few poked by her student is ok with me although morally it is wrong but to me ‘u want I give’ is OK with me! After all it is a teacher role to teach all that she/he know even with ‘extra’ lesson!

Why the hell did she want to fall for a young guy who happens to be her student half her age! Surely at that age this guy will know nuts & maybe he agree to the relation in the first place because of the pokeing! Thus it is not surprise that he want to end the relationship! The teacher should at least choose someone who is mature in thinking!

Oh! This teacher didn’t die as her parent rescues her in time! But at this moment of time she is behaving like a ‘vegetable’! She really needs counseling! There are still many guy around to choose!

So lady please have an open mind before committing yourself fully into a relationship so that if the guy ‘dump’ u, u don’t really feel so bad & want to kill yourself!


Iwan Sanchez said...

hello horny,
i tink its prettty normal for a teacher to have crush on their students and vice versa.. but one shud know the limits too!

anyway, share u some info, i aslo like my lecturer...


Helen said...

Let's throw the rightenous and moral stuff out the window for a minute.

IMHO, getting dumped by a young bf is better than gettting dump by an old thing.

Let's say Jessica Alba dumps you, you can live with it. But, when someone like Roseanne Barr dumps you, it's harder to take. :-P

Jeremy said...

Hi Horny, This is my review on your post content..

"Damn I Like It So Much..!!!"

Hahahaha..Your contents are the best i've seen so far. And your blog brings other bloggers feel connected, and that's how i felt right now..!! Keep on posting a good contents and your way of using English. I love to read a mixed english style even i sometimes don't understand it..Hahaha

About the lady teacher, So sorry for her. Just a quick note,"Brace yourself, there are so many other good guys (in bed) like Mr. Horny or myself.." *Grin*

Chee Hoe said...

Its a case of genuinely falling in love on her part and genuinely falling in lust for him.

Once he is done, he moved on but sadly the lady didn't. Sad case but very true story that happens quite a lot nowadays.

W_W_H said...

alamak, this is very bad!!! wanna poke, poke edi go lah, y wanna hang on until so long???

maybe is the teacher's first time leh???

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! He! He! Me too have a crush on my English teacher! She have long & slender leg & she like to sit on the table while teaching! Have a hard time concentrating on her class while my 'bro' stand at full attention!

Hi Helen! Yalloh! U r correct! I perfer Jessica alba to dump me then PCK wife to dump me!

Hi Jeremy! Tq very much for ur kind comment & review! He! He! U r also very good in bed!! Care to share of ur expertise??

Hi Chee Hoe! What to do?? Most lady are like that! So once a guy pick up a lady very hard to 'shack' off!!

Hi W W H! Aiyah this is not the first time for the teacher! Except she really like this guy to be her hubby!

leo said...

preconceived preconceptions?

thats why lah.. u move in, ppl think u're gonna marry.. aiseh..

3POINT8 said...

Quick quick, go register for her tuition the moment she comes out from the hospital!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan, where got normal? I'm teaching primary kids and I'm not going to fall in love with those brats.

Well... lucky for me I guess.

But committing suicide for someone who don't even appreciate and love you is surely stupid and pathetic.

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

not a reason to want to die lar. she definitely need counselling

AceOne118 said...

The biology teacher misses the pokeing ar?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Leo! Wellcum! Problem is it is the guy who move in to the lady's place!

Hi 3.8! He! He! U are too old to study form six biology!!! Or may be u want private lesson!!!

Hi Nonnie! Lucky u! This teacher teach secondary school!

Hi Slowcatchupkuan! Yeah! She need counsellings!

Hi Ace1! He! He! Problem she miss that kid pokeing!

Kenny Ng said...

Desperate Teacher? I heard this kind of story b4... It's possible a woman like a younger boy.

Happy New Year to u... may u 2008 got more poking activities... kekeke.

littlepolaris said...

hey horny, dun tell me, she's ur teacher and u r thdat student! ahaha

tAnYeTTa said...

what a shame. i hope she's able to recover. sounds like a therapist is in order right now. wow.

lapa said...

Be my guest!

lovie said...

There are a lot of weird and strange people out there. =p
Happy New Year, horny.

Daniel said...

hi, it's a pleasure knowing ur horny blog n wish U a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008.

Sharon said...

IMHO, perhaps the student is a ermm.. good f***? LOL
happy new year

Helen said...

Just want to wish you a Happy New Year. May 2008 brings you even more prosperity and pokeing... lol

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Kenny! He! He! Student mah! Mostly virgin!!

Hi Polaris! Aiyoh no my teacher lah! He! He! although I don'y mind being her student! She is quite pretty actually!

Hi Tanyetta! Wellcum! Yes she need a therapist!

Hi lapa! Wellcum! Tq for ur comment!

Hi Lovie! U r correct!

Hi Daniel! Happy new year to u too!!

Hi Sharon! Wellcum! Ha! Ha! Young fellow! Of cause 'good'! Fast & furious! A few time some more!

Hi Helen! Happy new year to u too!!

He! He! Happy new year to all my readers!

lankapo said...

want to drop something here too :)

first the teacher should be prosecuted for having sex with a minor

if you are male teacher, you can get "rotan" ok

wan to commit suicide for a your young student, oh come on
dont you have a better excuse to die, a dead cat maybe :)

msg for that young student,
wahh u r so damn lucky kids

I heard that a lot of female college students use their body rather than their brains to get their degree :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lankapo! That teacher I think stupid!!! He! He! Stupid teacher teach stupid student!!!I heard about college student Pay Per Poke!!! So far no 'jalan'!!! U got or not???He! He!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi to all the 'Anonymous'!!! Tq very much for dropping on my site! Have a very nice day!