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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Accident!!!! Fuc*k With Responsibilities!

This is what happen to my young relative! He has being ‘pokeing’ ( fuc*king ) around with different ladies! Some of the ladies do go and stay with him as in ‘staying together’! So I presume that it is ‘pokeing’ 24/7!

Oh yes! He is a handsome fellow thus ladies do fall head over heel for him! And since he lives in a big city finding willing ladies is no big deal! This is not a big deal anyway as nowadays it is common for guys & ladies to poke around or be poked while having fun ( this is no applicable for small town where everybody is a busybody, if someone chicken died the whole town will know about it by tomorrow afternoon ) & having a taste of ‘living together’.

Being a young fellow with a small & unstable income he certainly can find lots of pokeing partners! Unfortunately in his latest pokeing session with a big size lady, an ‘accident’ happen! Accident in the sense that the lady now has a growing tummy! Now this lady comes from a small town so of cause it is a very big deal! He has no choice but to have an ‘emergency’ marriage! Luckily for the lady my relative has at least have the responsibilities to accept her as his wife!

Now to my regular readers u will have know I am guy active in ‘pokeing’ having post up a lots of entries on my ‘pokeing’ knowledge ( just click on my ‘hor ny’ labels for more juicy detail ) but all this while I poke with responsibilities! I don’t poke around ( actually I do like to poke around but I live in a small town & beside I am as handsome as shown in my profile pic so of cause no lady fall head over heel for me apart from my gf ) with any lady ( actually I want but with gf around I don’t dare! ) since I am a guy with responsibilities! But not matter how careful I am, near miss do occur as I have a few of this Nightmare & Relieved!

This will be different case if it is PPP….No no not Pay Per Post but it is Pay Per Poke!!! That is u have to pay the lady per pokeing session! In this case u can poke to ur heart content or until ur wallet is empty! Accident or what so ever is none of ur business as u have pay for it! It is not advisable to go for PPP as u might get more then what u bargain for like some STD ( pokeing diseases )!

As for my relative the only goodness outcum from his ‘accident’ is he get himself a wife real cheap! Just RM5,000-00 as dowry! No wedding expenses whatsoever!

So to my dear readers please poke with responsibilities unless u want to have a ‘cheap’ wife!!! And for ladies don't get poked without precaution as the guy might just be an 'as*shole' & dump u or unless u want to have an instant hubby!!!


MiN said...

PPP !!! Pay Per Poke
NEW words which must tell everyone

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Min! Wellcum!! Ha! Ha! Tq for ur comment!

Iwan Sanchez said...

sometimes, its very scary if u poke and the girl tummy start to grow!

y ur cousin nvr use safety bag?

y u nvr teach him?


have a nice day!

3POINT8 said...

AAisay, should encourage your cousin to read ur blog!

The Horny Bitch said...

That's y men should ALWAYS use condoms... haha

AceOne118 said...

Your cousin didn't read your blog wan ar? No wonder lah kena accident liddat.

Satkuru said...

hahahaha pay per poke :P that's a good one :D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan! Yalloh! Very very scary wan! Enjoy first then very worry for the next few weeks! Maybe his gf don't want he to use condom!

Hi 3.8! All my friends & relative don't know I have a blogs! He! He! So far so good! I am still 'unknown'! None of my dear readers I known in real life!

Hi Horny Bitch!But sometime lady don't get the hotness & feel when guy wear condom! I am sure u prefer the 'natural' feeling wan!

Hi Ace1! No! No! He don't even know I have a blog!

Hi Satkuru! He! He! PPP is Pay Per Poke to me! Anyqway Pay Per Post reject my application! Too horny for them!

erinalaw said...

She is lucky as she still get RM5k. Some apa pun tarak leh coz they say nasi sudah jadi bubur wor. Btw, Merry Christmas to you and how is ur mummy doing now?

Kenny Ng said...

Like that ma MBA lor... not Married But Available but Married Because Accident lor... :P

Anyway... Merry Christmas to u, don't drink and poke ha... kekeke

Netster said...

Merry Christmas dearest, you have received a postcard from me :)

lankapo said...

Pay Per Poke?
Have u try it before?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! Lucky my relative is not an as*shole!

Hi Kenny! Wah! MBA new term! Marriage By Accident!!!

Hi Netster! Tq very much for ur card!

Hi lankapo! PPP haven't try before! I am a good boy mah! How about u???

Netster said...

very scary thought - accident :)

good post hor ny

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Netster! Yalloh! Very scary wan unless u have got the 'license' already!

annoyingangelz said...

PPP huh new thing ! Hey i'm a good girl ok!! Won't hope in future be like ur cousin future wife! If MBA my mom chopped me till death!

lankapo said...

PPP? Who me?
no lah..

but I have the experience to browse a few chicks Seoul hehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi annoyingangelz! Aiyah u r a nice girl lah! So don't let urself to be poked by 'bad' guy!

Hi lankapo! Aiyoh only 'browse' kar! No 'test drive' arrr???