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Monday, February 09, 2009

Firework & Economy...............

Today marked the end of Chinese New Year celebration ( 15th day ) & so gf is busy preparing foods, not a very grand affair just on moderate scale. Hemmmm!!!! This year CNY 2009 it seem is on a 'moderate' scale too.

Take for example the letting off of firecracker, at the started of CNY, firecracker will be let off all over the town, so it will sort of like 'competition' to see who set off the loudest firecracker & who stay the longest. This is the usual scene for the past few years.

But this is no so for CNY 2009 :( In fact the firecracker last for just 15 minutes for the whole town! The shortest I have seem! This is bad, without firecracker CNY lost all its identities & it just show how bad the economy is. I am not really surprise as buying firecracker is not a cheap affair. With so many people losing job, buying only the necessities is a must.

Well as for me I never buy any firecracker as I am a 'poor' fellow & also because I am a 'chicken' when it cum to lighting up a big firecracker. Anyway CNY 2009 for me is celebrate on a very moderate scale. I didn't do much visiting & also not many people visit my humble house. I believed it is due to the bad economy & also due to the rainy weather.

To all my dear readers, how is your CNY 2009 celebration?


BLue said...

Happy Chinese New Year.
You didn't post in Innit recently or did I missed you out while I was away?
But still glad to read your funny and horny blog again :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Blue! He! He! Got post but not that often as not much 'horny' post lately! Most happy to read ur comment! Have a very nice day!