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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Bu*tt Crack & 'Run Light' ( Accidental Exposure )!!!

Jean with low cut is very popular nowadays. Young & fashion trendy ladies love to wear this low cut jean. I suppose it made them look se*xy. Well to me yes, it does made them look se*xy if the ladies have long legs & slim in profile!

But the problem is when the ladies sat down! It expose their bu*tt crack! And also exposed the color of their pan*ty! But is some case I only got to see bu*tt crack but didn't see any pan*ty! I wander why? The lady not wearing any pan*ty or super low pan*ty? If she wear g-string then at least I can see the string. But in this few cases I only see bu*tt crack ( To my ladies readers can tell me if got such super low cut pan*ty? )!

Nice view if the lady have nice bu*tt! But some bu*tt really not nice to see as I can even see pimples on the bu*tt! I am sure all this ladies are aware of the short cumming wearing low cut jean! Because almost all the ladies try their best to pull up the jean! Only a few ladies didn't do that & this are the few ladies with really 'hot' body! I am sure this ladies are aware of the 'disturbances' they are causing & are enjoying every moment of it!

What happen when a lady wear ultra short skirt? She will be the cause of all sort of accident! More often then not wearing ultra short skirt ladies have hot body shape! Dam! How many car slow down to take a closer look when the driver see such a lady walking along a street? More so if the driver just saw the lady hind view! He will slow the car really slow just so that he can see how such a lady will look like in front! That will be the cause of his car being 'kiss' by the car following behind too closely! What a big disappointment if the lady turn out to be so so only! He! He! In most case that is true as she might look very 'hot' from behind only!!!

What happen when ladies wearing ultra short skirt sat down, spread open her leg a litter bit or cross her legs??? If she sat down in a office she will be a big disturbances to the office working environment ( not applicable in office full of ladies )! Every guy will be sitting down staring or try their best not to stare or pretend not to stare! Some guy have to sat down longer as their 'bro' have already stand up! That is why a secretary can have the boss under her control! Try to image a secretary wearing ultra short skirt, office jacket, two top most blouse button unbuttoned & wearing socking some more, seating on the boss table edge! I am very sure the boss will give in to her 'demand' & 'advice' ( not applicable for lady boss or boss who is interested in guy )!

What happen when ladies wearing ultra short skirt sat down & have a drink or have her food in a eating place? This is what happen ! While waiting for her food she open & cross her legs all the time ( Yes! Some ladies do have such habit! ), what will u do?! Not only that, I even saw a lady cross her legs yoga style while chit-chatting with her friends in a cafe! He! He! Luckily she is wearing short pant! If she is wearing skirt that will be a major 'running light' ( exposure )!

It is not my policy to go looking for 'running light' but sometime when such sight is done within ur sight what do u do? As a 100% normal guy I have no choice but look! I have learn my lesson in ' I can see ur nice 'nen nen' ' !!! See & enjoy the 'show' but keep ur big mouth shut! If gf is with u do it without her knowledge ( U will get boxed by her if she caught u staring at other ladies! ).

To my dear lady readers, do u do the above & enjoy all the attention u get? For the guy, what do u do if u saw the above?


AceOne118 said...

As a normal guy, if got "running light" to see sure see lah.

Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Ace1118! Ah! U r very normal!

Kevin said...

hahaha! nen nen .. lolz~... ur site have no pop ups! its cool.. lolz.. thnx for comment ya! lolz.. nen nen.. :)

Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Kevin! Wellcum! No popup??? Hemmm maybe something wrong with my computer! Have a nice day!

zewt said...

in london... i cant see butt crack... only g string hahahahahahaha

munak said...

in singapore always see these, like become normal. go up escalator also can see. its like they want to be seen.

Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Zewt! Wah! Can see g string!!! U got take pic??? 'Ang moh' butt very nice???

Hi Munak! Wellcum! Wah! Long time no see! Yalloh! I heard that S'pore lady r 'hot' but too expensive! Must have 5 C to qualified!

The Horny Bitch said...

Pajama party got a lot but too bad u were not there.. heh

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi HB! Yaslloh! Lots of hot ladies!!! Pity I can't joint! Will remember & try to joint next time! Maybe got lucky!

Belle said...

girls who are not used to wearing skirts will usually run lights. so i dont wear skirt when my bf is not around coz ill forget im wearing skirt bend down and take things if i drop any HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA
ops..did i say something?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Belle! Ha! Ha! With bf should wear ultra short skirt ( without panty ) Lah! He! He! I am sure u know what happen when u bend down!!!

CreativeBitchin said...

wearing low cut panties can be enough to leave the buns open to viewing hehe. especially the teeny-tiny low waisted affairs.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Creativebitching! Wellcum! He! He! Yes! U r right! So how many guy have u cause'trouble' to??

CreativeBitchin said...

currently, i hope the answer's none. heh. getting too all for all those games!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Creativebitchin! U r 'old' meh??? To me so long as u can do pokeing where got old!