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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One 'Di*ck' Ten 'Poosie'!!!

It is hard to be a man! Some more living in this hard time ( I predict that life will get even harder once the the fuel price increase ), it is a hard time as the cost of living is rising like no tomorrow! Just a simple much do u spend on ur car fuel???Compare this to last time before the last fuel increased??? Now image how much more u have to spend on fuel on the next fuel increase ( widely predicted to be after general 'erection' )!

With the fuel price increased of cause every things else will increased as transport charges increased! And of cause all the increase in cost will be pass on to the consumer as the businessmen want to have maximum profit ( so we as ordinary people are being screwed in all direction )! This made the cost of living very expensive & some more salary increment ( if any ) is much less then the increased in the cost of living!

Oh! How I wish I am a monkey ( I chose a monkey as other animal have to chase all over the place for a mate to poke! )! Living a carefree live! Swinging from tree to tree without a worry in the world! Well I do have to worry about is my stomach so I will be searching for fruits most of the time! But that should not be problem as I will be living in a big forest so wild fruits will be bountiful!

Apart from this is I will be having a most enjoyable time pokeing!!!! Not only that I will be well groomed also! I read somewhere that it is normal for a big male monkey to 'serve' more then ten females! Woah! One 'di*ck' for more the ten 'poosie'!!! This is the sort of life I dream of! Everyday eat & poke only! Some more got more then ten different holes to poke! What more can a guy wish for????

I post this entry up while watching a very 'educating' documentary on animal pokeing & my thought wander! Please for pokeing sake I am still happy as a simple guy, in no way I want to be a monkey! Beside this I don't like the way monkey poke! Very fast & short time wan! So how to enjoy??? The only part I like is the many different 'hole' a monkey can poke!

So what do u think my dear readers??? Have I gone nuts???


Helen said...

Yes hor, summore dun have to pay for China mari female monkeys.. lol

Caunucklehead said...

Oh my friend - I have no doubt that you have gon nuts - nuts for the poosie that is! Cheers and all the best you crazy monkey you!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Helen! Ha! Ha! China female monkey have to Pay Per Poke!!!

Hi Caunucklehead! Wellcum! He! He! A monkey gone nutty for poosie!!!

lankapo said...

I thought you were a monkey@org utan hehe
Life is not all about pokeing
monkey only know eat, sleep and pokeing

human, so many things to do

Daniel said...

i dun think u wanna b a monkey.. they poke for poking sake.. not like us human. We enjoy poking ;p

stop-this-shit said...

I think you are disgusting. The world is already full of shit why are you contributing more to it? Is pokeing, as you call it, all that fills your mind? Are women just for pokeing? Do men just pokei and there is no brains involved? What a cesspool. Do something more useful with your time. Blog something more useful. Spend your time worthily.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lankapo! Yalloh! Men so many things to do & so many things to worry about so I have this wishful thinking of being a monkey!

Hi Daniel! Oh u meant monkey do pokeing like a 'duties'???!!! Like this I don't want to be a monkey!!!

Hi Stop-this-shit!Wellcum! Tq for ur comment! He! He! Simple fellow like me only know how to spread the message of love through pokeing! To me 'to poke is to love'!I am sure there will not be war & fighting in this world if everybody is busy pokeing each other! I am sorry if pokeing to u is shitting to u!

Have a nice day to all my readers!

cibol said...

stop this shit : ha ha ha .. come on la. we're just having fun. why so serious about it.

by the way, isn't 10 poosies a bit like energy drenching? ;) You must be super power dude!

The Horny Bitch said...

Haha. Good things must enjoy slowly... Too fast no feeling.

I'm Choonie. said...

Horny bitch is right. Dun be a monkey lar! They poke without feeling one. Never make the female climax too, I think? Rite?

lankapo said...

stop this shit:
wah so serious aa, rileks la

horny is a nice guy, he only pokeing is gf only. hehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cibol!He! He! 10 poosie I think a bit too much for me to poke!

Hi Horny Bitch! Yallo! Must poke slowly by strongly & most importantly long long time! Correct???

Hi Choonie! I think so! So far didn't see any monkey scream with delight!!!

Hi Lankapo! He! He! Tq for ur support!

W_W_H said...


rubberseeds said...

Wow...first time reading your blog. Must admit it is better than viagra or cialis. And never ever cross my mind that Sibu (or 140 km away from Sibu) has such a fcuking genius whose juicy ideas are never ending.Friend, you should be highly recommended to the Hong Kong movie world...I am sure your first movie based on your writings or your real pokeing experiences will cum out to be a mega hit and of course you will make Sibu proud for being the first international "shooting" star!.Haha, talking about monkey, I recently took some photos of a wild monkey "pokeing" a pig and eat her cum. I would like to share these photos with you and your contact me with your email ya. And if you ever run out of stories ( I doubt you never will) I am also willing to "top up" some nice stories. Happy Chinese New Year and keep pokeing!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi W W H!! He! He! The monkey got good stamina wan!

Hi Rubberseeds! Woah! Tq tq very very much for ur comment! Aiyoh! HK movie got many hanky & panky wan! Wah! U sure got that pic arrr?? He! He! Ok if not idea I will consult u!! Happy CNY to u too!!