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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Very Very Very Important Person Pokeing ( Fcuking )!!!!!

We men, are just a simple human being, born to made mistake! We men, are just like a ‘animal’ which have a basic ‘pokeing’ instinct! Which we sometime just can’t ignore! Well most of the time we can ‘control’ outwardly at least but inwardly our ‘bro’ is busting to free himself & to shoot out the entire bullet in our ‘nuts’!!! Especially when an opportunity presents itself right in front of us! Especially when the ‘opportunity’ is a very ‘hot’ lady!

So what if u r a VVV I P ( very very very important person, as in like a big shot in the society, head of department, head of ………something big! So long as u r well know or famous! )!!! Of cause u will POKE! U do have a ‘bro’ or a full functioning ‘equipment’ don’t u???? Some more the lady is so tempting & she is willing to give ur ‘bro’ a very good ‘blow service’!!!!!

Well u can poke to ur heart content! Like I say before ‘ U allow, I poke lah! ’! Problem is since u r a VVV I P, do check & look before u poke!

Check list!

Where do u poke???

Hotel ( most common venue ) ??? Always go for the high class wan! The more stars the better! Don’t book the hotel room in advance & always do the booking urself! This is to prevent other people from knowing ur ‘pokeing activities’!!! If possible always change the room at the last moment! Since u r a big shot u never know that the room might have being prepared with hidden camera to product ‘nice pokeing’ movie staring u as a very very very famous pokeing star!


Can do! But the problem is ur car will be as well know as u r! Well u can always drive other less well know car ( since u r a VVV I P u have a few cars )U can always drive to a nice lonely spot with ur gf ( I assume u like lady, but some VVV I P like guy as well or even young boy ) & have a nice pokeing session! But do watch out for robbers or some ‘kaypotmah’ ( busybody ) to check out ur car! For more detail on how to do pokeing in car do check out my ‘car pokeing’ entry!

Check the room!

Is the room unusually well lighted??? Got mirror all over the place including the ceiling? Ok I know it is very ‘stimulating’ to see urself pokeing away! But since u r a VVV I P it is never too careful to be careful! Dim the light!!!

Who r u pokeing???

‘Mutual friend’ sure no problem wan lah!!! Can poke to ur heart content! But if she is a casual ‘friend’ then better decline the offer as u r a VVV I P!!! But if it is a PPP ( pay per poke ) then can consider as she is ‘service’ which u pay for!!!

The above check list is very simple & easy to carry out! It will surely save the VVV I P a lot of trouble & embarrassments later!

This post is created as a reminder to me as who know later on I might just becum a VVV I P!!!! Right now I am not a VVV I P & also not famous! So even if I poke the wrong hole I will have a painful ‘bro’ & only my gf know & also nobody will give a dam!!!

So to my dear readers any other ‘precaution’ I should take to do pokeing when I becum ‘famous’???? All comments are highly valued!!!


SilverIsle said...

LOLz. What a checklist. Especially the first one. Didn't know you are so sexperience in booking hotel. Haha.

x said...

who has the dvd :P


wanna watch it over some beer and peanuts :P

haan said...

haiya... if the VVVIP cares about own reputation, better poke at home "legitimately" with the right person lar. later not only the VVVIP suffers, the family also. is it funnier to have different sources?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Silverisle! He! He! Hotel booking no experience wan but that will be how I do it!!

Hi X! U got friend in Johore or not???

Hi Haan! Aiyah forbident fruits taste better mah!

Miss Loi said...

Thank You Datuk HAM, for your invaluable advice from your own experiences.

Helen said...

When you're a public servant aka VVIP, you cannot simply poke. Great power comes great responsibility. lol

Fahriee said...

LOL, right when I finished my post, I checked my feeds and saw this post. I guess we all know who you're talking about, eh? :D

lankapo said...

do u have the dvd? have u watched it?

come on , what a fren for? share lor :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Miss Loi! Wah!! I am not a datuk...........yet!!!! He! He! 'Datuk HAM'!!!! Sound 'hor ny'!!!

Hi Helen! Problem is VVVIP forgot about the 'responsibility' part they only remember the 'power' part!!!

Hi Fahriee!! He! He! The latest pokeing incident made me post this up!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi lankapo! Me not see wan!! U got 'lopang' to the sauce or not??? Share share lah!

Mey Laurie said...

muahahahaha..all the VVVIP out there, take note lahh!!!
this is a hot gentle reminder from our favourite ang moh. hor ny i hope you will be more famous that them.. (the vvvip) in the year 2008.

Daniel said...

hahaha.. sounds very familiar reading ur horny post. I like ur checklist ;p

yvy said...

hahaha!! everyone is looking for the dvd...i say ask your frens in jb la! =P anyway, i hope it's not too late to wish u a happy new year n may 2008 be more productive n your resolutions come true. :) *xoxoxo*

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

You managed to get the VVVIP pokeing dvd ah? I really want to see how that fat ass poke la. Muahahah! For 100 minutes somemore. More geng than your countdown pokeing!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Mey!! He! He! Tq tq for ur comment!

Hi Daniel! He! He! I actually do the hotel room check up whenever I stay in a hotel!

Hi Yvy! Tq tq for ur wishes!U have a happy new year too!

Hi Purple mushroom didn't poke for 100 minites lah! From what I know do other 'activities' first! Like a good blow service & watching 'nice' movie on laptop!!!

I'm Choonie. said...

Hey.. he is 61 yrs old, some more got grandchildren liao. If you at that age, can you this horny ang moh poke like him? hahahah... keng le!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...


when u become VVVIP...

u must poke discreetly.. if not, die lah, ur news on the front page of newspaper!


danielctw said...

Your checklist.. haha.. VVVIP also as long got scandal can edi lah.. But why the heck got camera in the hotel..

Die man.. next time if I go to hotel with jolin tsai, then sure scandal!! WAKAKA

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Choonie! Wah! U watch the DVD already kar??? He! He! From what I read elsewhere that lady give a good 'blow service'!!!! This I think give a good boost to pokeing power!!!

Hi Iwan! When I becum VVVIP I better have money already mah!

Hi Danielctw! Wellcum! Wah u date Jolin kar??? She is good???? If got movie with her both of u will be famous!!!U can sell ur movie at good price!!!

CresceNet said...

Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passada lá no meu site, que é sobre o CresceNet, espero que goste. O endereço dele é . Um abraço.

THB said...

U're a funny ang moh lor.. haha.

good advice. I shall take note of it too. hahaha.

littlepolaris said...

U shud have the DVD rite? ngek ngek i wan to pinjam!!!

W_W_H said...

pity him loh... y all must end lidis wan huh???

L'abeille said...

Aiyor...your story sounds sooooo familiar wor! Like I've read it somewhere hehe...

My tips for you...OFF ALL LIGHTS! don't dim them...OFF THEM...that's the safest but if they've camera that can capture videos in the dark..too bad lor...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Crescenet! Wellcum! He! He! Can't understand ur language but tq for ur comment!

Hi Thb! Wellcum! Wah u also poke around??? He! He!

Hi Polaris! Aiyah I don't have this DVD! It will be nice to 'learn' the 'technique' used!

Hi W W H! Yallo! He is a good fellow! What happen is his private life mah! After all wify don't 'minded' mah!

Hi L'abeille! Aiyoh no light how to see?? Use my nose to smell arrr??? That is why sometime poke the wrong hole!!!! Can see better mah! I am sure u want to see also!

Canucklehead said...

your blog fuc*king rocks!

once again, let me say for the record - canucklehead LOVES pinoy blogs mah!

Happy new year abd happy poking in 2008 ...

Sunshine said...

dont simply do blow job hor.. can go to jail and kena whipping wan :P

erinalaw said...

Hahaha......... that is a good checklist leh. It's important to know and take precaution when u r a VVIP. True, human is human. Everyone make mistake BUT for his case............. he is somebody and now he make himself look so silly.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

I got one!

Wear a mask. hahahaha. That oughta work.

Anonymous said...

i wan the dvd, u have ah? ha ha ha

Kenny Ng said...

So now can do a new campaign, Berhati-hati Semasa Pokeing ... wakakaka

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Canuckleheah! Tq tq for ur wishes & comment! For sure I will be pokeing away!

Hi Sunshine! Wellcum!BJ will land u in jail??? Sure or not???

Hi Erina!! He! He! A silly pld 'hor ny' man!!!

Hi Wombok!!Good idea!!! But how to do 'lic*king' wearing mask???

Hi Cibol! No DVD but heard that u-tube got already!

Hi Kenny! He! He! General erection is cumming! U started campaign already arr???