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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Pokeing! I Can’t Fcuk Tonight!!!

I can’t believed I am going to say this to gf!!! Why! Even an ‘old’ man of 61 years old can poke for almost 1 hour! Me I am a ‘young’ fellow, strong as an gorilla ( So far I haven’t see a gorilla pokeing on animal planet yet so I am not sure if I fcuk like a gorilla! But definitely I don’t fcuk like a monkey! ) & the stamina of a buffalo ( Any other stronger animal? ) have to say:

‘Sorry honey! But I can’t really poke tonight!’

Now please don’t jump to wrong conclusion! There is nothing wrong with my ‘equipment’! I have just check it out when I have my bath just now! It is just that I have being working like a dog ( Working ok! Not pokeing like a dog! He! He! It will be a record if I did that! ) since 10.00am until 6.00pm with a 15 minutes break for lunch!

I am being servicing my two air-cons the whole day! Oh yes I DIY my own air-con servicing! Full detail here ( it is a detail post on how I clean my two Toshiba air-cons, have a look & maybe u want to try it out too! )! It has being a long time since I last service my air-cons! Woah! Inside so dirty! The air filters are clogged up with a thick layer of dust! No wander I am on heat when doing pokeing!

It will be normal to find dust on air filters but I also find hair! The sort of hair u find ‘down there’!!!! I suppose it is mine as gf have shave off hers ( He! He! If u want to know, this is the shaving post )! Ok no more ‘extreme’ pokeing least that I clogged up my air-cons with hair of the ‘private’ type! Oh yes! It will be a major embarrassment if I let air-con servicemen to service my air-con! What will they be thinking???

It is real hard work to DIY air-con servicing! I must being getting ‘old’! Ok! Ok! I must not lost out to the 61 years old man! Just imaging climbing up & down a long ladder & spraying the dirty air-con with water! After all the cleaning have being done, I am half soaked with water & soap & I have two very wet balls! Dam! Tomorrow I have to service my National air- con ( Oh yes! I post that up too )!

So it is litter wander I am dead tired!!! My body is tired! My ‘bro’ on the other hand is not! Hemmmm!!!! Maybe if my gf really want me to poke her I think a nice ‘blow job’ might just persuade me to poke!!!

To my lady readers……how do u persuade ur guy to poke u??? To my guy readers can u still poke if really dead tired??


Charlie said...

hello there,

my answer will be YES. i dowan to elaborate further though.

bro, your entry is dam funny lah, i think if you are able to write such a good post after a hard day, you should be able todo the poking still . hehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Charlie! Wellcum! He! He! writing & pokeing different! Writing I poke with two fingers at keyboard with many button! Pokeing I poke with one big 'finger' at one hole only & I must poke strong strong wan so very tired! Oh! Tq for ur comment!

lankapo said...

if tired better get some rest
u dont want to disappoint ur couple rite

i thougth u r good at faking it hehe

Pundit Puckle said...

Horny, my answer is, "depends". If it's the regular hole and you are extremely extremely tired, just sleep. If it's your regular hole and you're tired but still have some backup battery in you, poke and take a nap at the same time lor ( only certain position is possible, those that don't let her see your face...hehe! or you can just let her do the riding...YEHAAHHH!!!!) If it's not your regular cannot ( should not & must not )sleep for all your cyclinders will fire up (backup battery sure will come from somewhere)....just enjoy the ride. Remember, if a 61 year old can, so can you.

sylvesteR said...

Yeah I think you should reject her,so that you can save your strength and when it's time, fuiyoh, you'll super energetic and you'll have an unforgettable moment, haha!! Anyway if you're too desperate, you can always have some energy drink like gatorade or 100 plus to boost your energy and also helps rejuvenate haha!!

SilverIsle said...

OMG. I really wonder how did the hair went up there. LOLz. Hanging position on the air con? =D

haan said...

you always focus on quantity or quality?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi lankapo! Yalloh! have to rest then can poke strong strong!

Hi Pundit! Very well say! Yes it is my 'regular' hole! So I reserve my power!

Hi Sylvester!Wellcum! Aiyah! 100 plus to effect wan! Gatorade??? No yet try!

Hi Silverisle!He! He! U r very imaginative!!!

Hi Hann! He! He! Both! Dependent on situation!

littlepolaris said...

oh my... Hornie, dun complain so much la. WORK WORK WORK!!! or else gf will lari!!! aahaha

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
thank for pop over to london . weather in London rain and cold , need lot of cuddle and poking I guess kekkekek .

hahaha lot the way you write very funny .
gud for you and your GF after a hand day you still can do your job well xxxx

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Polaris! Aiyoh! Day time work! Night time also work!!! Died lah!!!

Hi Pearly!!! What to do hard to please a lady!!!