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Monday, June 30, 2008

Backside Pokeing/Farking! VVVIP Sodomy!

Apparently a vvvvip is doing backside pokeing ( That is pokeing ass hole! ) against! It is in all the newspaper & a good number of blogger as well! Beginning of this year there is another vvvvip doing pokeing ( But he did poke in the correct hole except he poke the wrong ladies hole! ) so I am most surprise there is another case of vvvip pokeing!

Anyway this fellow is known to like to poke backside hole or whatever the newspaper like us to believed in. What is surprising is what the poke do we have to care about what hole he like to poke in! As long as he can do what he is suppose to do then that is it then!

Anyway I have never try backside pokeing before on a lady that is ( Gf don’t allow me! Say her ass hole is full of shit & might even spoil my 'didi'! ). The idea or image of two guys pokeing each other backside is a bit too much for me! The idea or image of two guy sucking each other ‘didi’ in position 69 is terrible ( Strangely I don’t feel very disgusting if two ladies is to lick each other poosie! I find that very ‘stimulating’ & even sexy! )! I am after all a straight guy!

An ass hole is supposed to pass out shit! Not for ur pokeing enjoyment! I heard from my friend that to poke into an ass hole u will need to lubricate it before u can poke ur ‘didi’ in! And it is much tighter then the poosie u pokes into! And so it is much more enjoyable! This is what my friend told me!

Anyway, it is enjoyable to poke each other ass hole? I heard that a guy g-spot is in a guy ass hole ( Why for god sake a guy g-spot is in the ass hole? ) so a guy will get to enjoy ultimate pokeing enjoyment when he has his ass hole poked!

No! I am not going to try pokeing into a guy backside! On a lady……No problem!


The Horny Bitch said...

Go Thailand and watch it live! I watched it live before. Biggest real live dick man.. :p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi HB! Wah! So did u get turned on!!!

lankapo said...

hai hor ny,
How is life? How is your boss?

Sodomy now in Malaysia is so popular now.other country, people watch it people use it for political assassination :)

p/s where is your entrecard?
Got banned aa

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Lankapo! Aiyoh! Business very bad! My boss screw me everyday with her mouth! He! He! Pokeing backside is normal in other country. Anyway to me it is his private affair!
My entrecard is on my other site . Have a very nice day!

erinalaw said...

Eeee............ so gili with the asshole. coi, coi, coi!!!!

lankapo said...

hahaha nowdays it is so common thing. your kid will start asking what is sodomy, liwat heheh

hopefully this political imbalance will end soon.

I want to live in peaceful and harmony in this country.

rite hor ny

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Erina! Aiyah! During pokeing time where go 'gili' wan? Licking 'oyster' or sucking 'didi' gili or not?

Hi Lankapo! Yaloh! I hope all this will end soon! I just want to have a normal life where I can poke in peace!