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Wellcum! Wellcum!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Wrong Hole Poked/Farked! Still OK!!! But...........

Any one who do pokeing ( fu*cking ) will know that u do poke into the wrong ‘hole’ sometime either by mistake or on purpose! This is very true if u happen to poke for the first time ( virgin )! In fact finding the ‘hole’ is a problem! On my first poke I need gf to ‘guide’ my ‘bro’ where to poke his big head in!

In the sexitment of intense pokeing I do poke in the wrong hole to be protested by gf! This is no problem & no harm done!

My regular reader will know I have this huge humongous toothache problem last year! I thought I have solve the problem but no my toothache is back! I have a very miserable life! So it is back to the dentist. This time is to solve this toothache once & for all. I will have it pull out!

First the dentist injected me with something in my mouth! Dam painful! After that half of my face gone numb! Then he uses a big plier & took out my big tooth! Wah! I am dam happy as I no longer feel the toothache as my face is still numb!

Reach home! Have a rest! About 2 hours later I took out my blood soaked gauge in my mouth & have a look into my mouth!

I nearly fainted from what I saw!

That fu*cking, terrible, horrible & vegetable dentist have pulled the WRONG tooth! It is my good big molar! No wander he use a freaking big plier! With the pain killer wearing off I can now feel both toothache & pain from the newly pulled tooth!

Dam! It is back to the dentist! I want to sue him inside out & upside down! And I also want to poke all his assistances. Yes! All the three of them even if they are not my type! I am hopping mad! I am rising my voice to sky high! He ask me to wait while he do some things in his office! By now other customers ask me what is the matter! Of cause I say that fu*cking pull out my wrong tooth! Woah! The expression on all their face is awesome! All the five customers left the clinic in record time! I am sure the damage to reputation of the dentist is done!

His reason? He tries to ‘save’ my tooth which is also a molar by pulling out the inner most molar! He says both teeth will be giving me problem! What sort of freaking reasons is that!

I have no choice by to pull out the molar which is giving me hell! And it hurt like hell! It is so painful that I cry & scream! Luckily I am the only customer! Me! A very big & macho guy! What will people say if they know I cry & scream on the dentist chair? I have a sneaky feeling the dentist purposely only injected a bit of pain killer only. It is so painful that two dentist assistances have to hold me down while he pulls out the tooth! I got tears in my eye! Heck! I almost also pee in my pant! It is that painful! No wander it is one of the technique use in interrogation !

Here! Have a look at my two molar! In fact the dentist says my teeth are perfect! My toothache is cost by my swelling gum!

It has being six hours since that ordeal! Half of my face is in pain but I can bear it! It is different from toothache! From today onward my life will change forever! My eating habit will change! No longer can I eat at record time! No longer can I eat my food like ‘gentlemen’ style! I will be eating using only my left side! My right side is now useless with both lower big teeth gone. So how to chew? For this few day I will be eating soft food! Yes! Food like ‘tofu’ ( bean curd )! Oh! Well, it is back to eating gf’s ‘tofu’!

To all my dear readers! What will u do? NOW WHAT WILL U DO IF THE ABOVE HAPPEN TO U???!!!

Cry? Jump up & down? Behave like a baboon on heat? Curse until the cow cum home? Scream ur head off?...............Well I do all the above! So how about u???

The above happen on the 13-02-08! The day when our Monkey/Baboon Parliament is dissolved ( Maybe the farking dentist is so sexited about the news that he pull my wrong tooth! OMG he might even pull out all the teeth in my mouth! )! Until now I miss using my right side of my mouth. Should I use false teeth ( But I heard that with false tooth u can't even eat banana, I am afraid that when I eat my gf 'oyster' that I might left my false teeth inside her?!!! )?


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

wow... i cant imagine the dentist pulled the wrong teeth of mine! i cant imagine losing a precious teeth where a new one wouldnt grow anymore in matured stage.

gosh! sue him! can or not leh? that dentist deserve some poke.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi! Irvine! Wellcum! Well, I almost poke his assistance!

Midnightgal080 said...

I can feel your pain...ouch....

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Midnightgal080! Wellcum! Tq very much for ur comment! Have a very nice day!