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Friday, October 19, 2007

Let Me Look At Your 'Ball'!!!!!!!!

One day the CEO of a Bank received a visit from an old lady in his pose office! This old lady is a real fuss pot! She insisted to meet the CEO of the Bank because she intended to made some deposit. With nothing to do he allow the old lady in.

The old lady want to made a saving deposit of $250,000. Being curious he ask the old lady how did she manage to save so much money. The old lady said actually she didn't save the money! All this money is actually won through betting!

CEO: Really?? Woah! What sort of bet did u made to win so much money?

Old lady: For $25,000 I bet u have square 'ball'!

CEO: Ha! Ha! Lady u will lost this bet for sure! I know my own 'ball'. Cumfirm it is round! U still want to bet?

Old lady: Sure! Since the bet is for $25,000 I will look & examine ur ball tomorrow at 10.00am witness by a lawyer! Can or not!

CEO: Done! I will wait for u here tomorrow!

He think, 'He! He! Stupid old lady! This bet I will win for sure!' But that night the CEO is very very worry! What if he really have square ball! So he examine his ball carefully & even ask his wife to examine so this it is really round & not square! Just in case the old lady say that it is round, he go and shave his hairy ball, and in the process his ball also got a few nick ( it is very very difficult not to cut ur ball when u shave ur down under, anyway a lady might not like to see a desert with just a single tree )! So the next morning he waited for the old lady to cum to look & examine his now very bare & round ball! Sure enough a 10.00am sharp the old lady show up together with a lawyer!

CEO: Cum! Let me show u my ball! See I cumfirm with u it is round!

Old lady: Let me touch & examine it..........Ah! Yes ! It is round & soft...

While the old lady is examining & 'playing' with the CEO ball. The lawyer at first look on with amazement then he go & bang his head against the wall!

CEO: What is the matter with ur lawyer! Has he gone chookoo!

Old lady: Properly maybe because I bet with him for $100,000 that I will be playing the CEO's ball of this Bank at 10.00am today!

CEO: What the .............!!!!????

He! He! For $25,000 I will also let anyone examine my ball wan! So any taker???



melvin,foong said...

classic laa

Anonymous said...

walau.. haha, is this a made-up joke? anyways, in my opinion, don't be so silly as to agree betting with anyone.

angel said...

Hahaha... can!!!

But which bank mya CEO are you har, Horny? :p

Helen said...

Hey, better specify nicely your currency. After 25,000 rupiah (RM9) all the silai come play your balls.

Angie Tan said...


Princess Eileen said...

Hehe, i read this joke before... You should try it hor ny. Wukakaka

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Horny, guess what? I am horny now. But i am at work. So it gives you an idea of what to blog. You can blog abt what to do when you are horny at work. Guys can go TFK in toilet, but pls dun ask girls to do that. Not possible. Any ideas? Haha!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Melvin! Yes! It is a clasic!

Hi Anomus!Have to find way to earn some $$$$$ mah! So bet loh!

Hi Angle! Actually a ang moh bank!

Hi Helen! Oh yah! I forgot! 25k rupiah only Rm9!!!! My ball not that cheap!

Hi Angie! He! He!

Hi Princess! That is why I ask for any taker mah!

Hi Purple! Wah u want me to give u idea how to 'relieve' ur urg arrr??? Ok I will do some 'reseach' first!

daniel said...

hahaha... I wanna be the old lady. U know why? Bcos some dumb-f*ark is paying her so much just to play 'ball' n another dumb-f*ark dropped his pants for her to play... hahahahahahaha

Iwan Sanchez said...


check balls only ar?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Daniel! I am trying to see goT any taker or not?? He! He! See can earn some $$$!

Hi Iwan! Aiyah! Old lady only play ball lah!

Cocka Doodle said...

All the bankers know this joke already, so rest assured they are not going to let any old ladies play with their balls.

On the other hand, sweet young things are definitely welcome! LOL

Winn said...

eeeuuuuuueee, touch oredi suey 3 yrs;p;p dowan dowan...aha jk!

belle said...

wtf man!! tht old lady damn wicked lo!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Cocka! He! He! U r right!

Hi Winn! Wah! That meant my gf very very suey meh.........she play 'ball' every night ohhhhh!!!!

Hi Belle! That old lady very clever wan! I am learning!!!

Mey Laurie said...

this is the way to grow balls and be graceful, wakakkakaka..tks for sharing. ahahak!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Mey! tq for ur comment! Have a nice day!