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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Worry????!!!

There are only two things to worry about in life!Whether u r well or whether u r sick! If u r well then nothings to worry about!

If u r sick, then there are only two things to worry about!Whether u r going to get well or u r going to died!

If u r going to get well then nothings to worry about! If u r going to died then there are only two things to worry about! Whether u r going 'up' or going 'down'!

If u r going 'up' then nothings to worry about!If u r going 'down' then u will be so busy meeting all ur long lost friends that u don't have time to worry about!

So why worry? Be happy!

Unfortunately by nature I am also a worrisome fellow beside being 'hor ny' of cause! If only life is that simple then I don't have to worry so much! But alas life is not that simple. Our want are many & never ending! Me for example even thought have a 'simple' life still have so many unfulfilled want! Like I want to eat meat & egg ( for pokeing activities ) everyday & will like to eat out in restaurant, to taste 'ang moh' food & so on & so froth. But cannot! With limited money which value is shrinking faster then a puncture balloon! Very soon with another round of price increase I might even have to do all my shooting 'outside' with no money to buy 'safety bag'! So how to follow the above 'advice' & not to worry??


Helen said...

Cook at home lar.. you got gf now. This morning I went McD. I had their bfast set. Eggs and hash brown.. cot RM7++ The pancakes cost RM5.20.

Niamah, I can make my own pancakes.. for 5.20, I can eat until I lausai. lol

Mey Laurie said...

aiyahh!! dont worry lahh..
that worries is not going any why worry?...hehehehe!
i am more pathetics than you lahh, 2 weeks to go before pay day, and i am left with just $10 in my purse, some more lagi 2 mouths to feed. so how? must worry is it??wakakakak...laught till i die lah!

Anonymous said...

do your friends or colleagues have any part-time jobs to recommend you to earn as side-income?

Angie Tan said...

Haiii.. Don't worry so much-la.

Worry so much until you cannot poke properly how?

Like our DPM said last time, time to change lifestyle.


Johnny Ong said...

wat to worry la, just live yr daily life as it is. whatever u hav is definitely considered a multi-millionaire if compared with those poor sudanese

as for increase of expenses - it will increase for sure after election

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi helen!Yallo! Long time didn't eat out already! Everyday eat egg cook by gf!

Hi Mey! Me too waitting for pay day! One more week to go!

Hi Anomus! The job they introduce to me are directing selling & insurance agent! I don't like this 'job' as I have to bug people wan. So no other 'job' at the moment. U got'kan kwao'arr?

Hi Angie! That DPM can say what he want until the pig cum home! Rich people where got affected wan. Poor people like us will feel it wan!

Hi Johnny! For sure cum erection everythings will be 'up'!!Except salary of cause!

adrian said...

U are right. Rich people where got feel it wan. Only poor fellas like us will really kena.

Kenny Ng said...

I just worry if I die without poking anyone before... Wakakaka.

daniel said...

u r right.. everything up except salary, sure worry... hehe

Iwan Sanchez said...

horny looks like having financial problems..

too much credit cards debts?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Adrian!Ah so u also know wan!

Hi kenny! Wah u r really 'rare'! So to all my ladies reader anyone of u wan kenny??? He! He!

Hi Daniel!So what to do by forgo a lot of things!

Hi Iwan! U r lucky living in S'pore! Economy still very good! May be I go to look for job in S'pore! Any vacancy in geylang???

3POINT8 said...

Ya man!! Why worry??
"Don't worry Be Happy'

Cocka Doodle said...

Poke different hole lah! Then no need to shoot outside. Wakakakakakaka!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi 3.8! Yalloh! i try to be happy!

Hi Cocka! Wah! Ur advice very good! Ok I will try to find a different 'hole'!!! He! He!

niss.. said...

hor ny is not facing financial problem la, jus problem financing his money. everything shoould be enough la, unless suddenly u haf kids la.... spend wisely!!!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Niss! Wellcum! Yah! U r correct! Just have to plan properly loh! & pokeing have to be carefull also! He! He!