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Thursday, October 25, 2007

U Want To Get Married Or Not???!!!! Part 1

That is the question! So what is the goodness of getting married & the goodness of being 'free'. I will try to bring bring out the goodness & badness in this post! But wait, not gf/bf how to get married? U can't get married to urself lah ( I known one blogger say he get 'married' to his work! Wah I wander how he poke his work? ) so in the first place u must have a bf/gf first. I have not problem if ur bf/gf is the same as u r ( my thinking very modern wan ) as long as both of u r happily married, so what if both guy get married ( they can still poke each other back side, I heard that this is quite 'enjoyable' ) or both ladies get married ( they can still poke each other with the help of some 'equipment' or banana & even cucumber to be eaten after 'use' or they can always ask me, I am a good fellow most willing to help out in this manner )! For more detail on looking for hubby/wife do poke in hubby/wife hunting part 1 & hubby/wife hunting part 2 & hubby/wife hunting part 3 ( this posts hopefully is usefull to my reader ).

The goodness of getting married is of cause pokeing! Once u get married it meant u get the licence to poke! Unfortunately this is a licence with restriction! This licence only allow the u to poke one person or be poke by that person without restriction for as long as both of u are married ( how nice if this licence to poke is of the open type, I will be first to apply for such licence. Actually there is such a licence in our neighbouring country , where u got to pay for each poke, if I get such a licence I will be a licenced Poker! ). So with this licence u can get to poke freely. U can poke in the bathroom , or poke all over the house & nobody will care about it ( only applicable if u live on ur own house what they say 'two persons world', if u still lived with ur parent u still cannot poke all over the house unless both of u are alone. It will be terrible if both of u are pokeing half way & ur parent see it. Actually some parent do press their ear on the door at night to listen for any pokeing sound if after married if u still lived with ur parent ). So once married u can poke like no tomorrow!

No more lonely life. U get a companions for life. U get to share all ur problem & happiness with someone u love ( u get to do this with ur best friend also but he/she is just a friend, hubby/wife different wan as he/she is always by ur side, they are ur other half ). So if u r sick sure got ur hubby/wife to look after u & be by ur bedside ( best friend lost out in this area ). Sickness is just a example how about money? How about food?

By money I meant both of u can share in spending it lah & made decision on what to buy together! So lonely if u get to spend all the money by uself ( Ok! Ok! I am sure my reader will 'volunteers' to spend my money! He! He! But I am a poor fellow so I will be doing the volunteer! ) & most important both of u get to save the money ( b'cos unless u r very rich once u get married money sure not enough wan ). By food I meant not more eating out as ur hubby/wify can cook ( at first sure cooking very nice & yummy but after sometime will still go out to eat wan as boring already & other 'reason' as well )!

Once u get married, people will look at u with a different 'light' ( directly translate from Mandarin as don't know how to to say in English )! To the 'auntie' & 'uncle' & our parent once u get married it meant u have 'graduated' or 'up-grade' in life! Oh yes they will look forward to u starting a family ( Yah! They are more interested in carry ur baby & telling they friend that they have being 'up-graded' to auntie & uncle & grandparent status as well ).
Oh yes! Got one reason why u must get married! Can guss or not what is the reason? Aiyah! The guy poke in at the 'wrong' time & now the lady got growing tummy! Quickly must get married at once! No money also OK wan! He! He! Actually this is the 'cheapest' method to get married! But this marriage is done though 'convenience', so the marriage might be a happy one or otherwise as more often the not the lady might not actually like the guy. Sometime it is the guy who get blackmailed ( actually one of my friend get to married a hot lady but the pokeing done by someone else but what to do he though he do it ) so have to married this girl if not his 'bro' might get chopped off ( so guy don't simply poke around )!!!

Ok the above are just some example of why u should get married ( I am sure got other reasons but at the moment of posting this is what I cum up with! ). Now the question is when do u plan to get married?

No money how to get married? A very good reason but there are solution to this ( He!He! Get married to a rich fellow lah! Ok! Ok! Just joking, poor fellow can still find hubby/wife, money is not the only meant to every solution ). Ask urself if it necessary to spend all ur hard earn money on wedding preparation like dowry ( this wan ask by bride side if parent-in-law good wan just some empty 'ang pow' will do also ) & wedding feast ( this wan very expensive wan with all food price increasing like no tomorrow ) ? No need wedding feast can or not ( need approval from parent & in law as most parent & in-law want to have wedding fest! Why? Because so & so last time when their their son/daughter get married invited them so now die die must have wedding feast also! So u end up with an empty wallet! )? If can then u got to save a lot already & money save u can use it to buy necessary stuff to start a family, stuff like kitchen ware, washing machine & u might also use it as deposit to buy a house. The factor to consider is spend wisely so that u can start of ur family on a happy & financially planned footing ( many family start to crack up when they get tired of pokeing & when they realise that love cannot feed an empty stomach or when they have a baby. This is when money factor cum into play ).

Aiyah I still don't know this fellow well enough! This is also a good reason why until now still not yet married! But u have being pokeing around or u have already poke or being being poke by this fellow still not sure yet ( Ok! Pokeing or being poke I know is normal lah in big city, so being poke or poke doesn't really meant u know he or she )!???? So u still need sometime to really 'understand' this fellow ( is his pokeing good?, can 'sayang' u when sick? can solve problem & made decision or etc ).

But do remember that time wait for no one! Everyone is getting older & older day by day. And before u realise it u are already forty somethings! So now u want to get married! So by the time u retired u kids is still schooling! All ur hard earn money is now spend on his schooling need ( some people say my kids where got clever wan, no need for education fund, but then do take note that education is important in this era ) or if he is no longer schooling he still depend on u. For guy do consider this factor if u plan to get married late ( usual excuse is no money how to get married, so when u do have money u r already old......late thirties or even forties ). Ok some of the 'rich' guy say so what! Got money can get young wife! He! He! Young wife very 'energetic' so u have to use blue pill! But if u cannot do it she might look around ( ok not all ladies are like this wan ).

As for ladies.....Don't be so choosy lah! If u r young can choose wan, but when u reach ur late twenties u will discovered that not many people is 'chasing' u ( might not be applicable as some guy like 'mature' ladies ) so no more choice & also ur parent will be nagging u to get married & say 'so choosy u will end up with a smelly grape' ( direct translate from hokkien ). But do get married to the guy u really like & not due to parental pressure, after all it is u who get poked & spend the rest of ur life with this fellow!

So if possible do married young. Ideal age will be between 25 to 30 & start a family after a few years of pokeing ( if after two years of pokeing still no kids, u will start to heard some gossip that so & so cannot do it or maybe something wrong with so & so 'equipment! ) !

Wah! This wan long be continue! Feel very free to comment even can comment on old post!


L'abeille said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
L'abeille said...

I'm married to my blogs! Everyday I poke into my blog and poke poke on my keyboard :p

angel said...

smelly grape? I thot is smelly longan?? *scratches kepala*

horny, u not oni can poke... u can write oso!!! :p

no marry oso can still poke and be poked... jz hv to use domdom, hor? heh...

i dun tink i'll be married... becos becos... neh, becos all u men la... ya, i blame men!!

so how?

i die alone... :(

happy weekend, horny!

Angie Tan said...


Very good thing. Having a spouse oso good - you can get to save on tax ma... coz you can say who is your dependent... etc etc...

I'll have to admit - pokeing maybe one of the perks-la, but i tot u guys all scared/bored of pokeing the same hole(s)?

Hahahahaa... :-P

clement said...

seriously, this is like Prozac medicated post, it's like getting married is all good things... too good!

melissa said...

Lucky you l'abeille, because blogs don't have a mother in law. do you know that characters in "mother in law" can be arrange to be "woman hitler"??

Daniel said...

haha.. good reason to get married har... hahahaha

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi L'abeille! What will XT say if he know u already married to ur blog! Some more doing pokeing everyday!

Hi Angel! Oh it is grape or longan?? Me also don't know!

Hi Angie! At first like after sometime bore! So they poke around!

Hi Clement! Waite for part 2 then u tell me good or not!

Hi Meliasa!Wellcum! He! He! Some MIL good also bah!

Hi Daniel! So u want to get married???

Iwan Sanchez said...


some gays or lesbians get married to cover theur identity lei..

what say u, horny?

have a nice day!

The One They Proclaimed Qiang said...

Interesting poking topic. Looking forward to Season 2 =D

littlepolaris said...

wah after reading ur post hor, i lagi more desperate to get married ler lol.

i view marriage as something beautiful, something that bind true love together so i will wan to get married.

And of course wedding need a lot of $$$ and family planning also need a lot of $$$$. so how le? find someone that will share your future with, plan with him, both work hard till earn a targeted amount of $$$ then only marry lor! but make sure he's the one for u ma, then until 30 yrs old he also still there won't lari lol. I think need to reach at least 30 to earn enuff $$$ to support family.

Oh how to save money on wedding? KAHWIN LARI lor! marry far far away oversea then only go home and tell "mum, dad, i'm married! And I'm pregnant!"


W_W_H said...

ang moh, when is the 2 part??? i'm too addictted edi!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Waaah! damn 9 chiong hei post! Hahaha!

3POINT8 said...

Poke poke poke~~~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Iwan!U got any lesbo friend? I am most willing to 'help'!

Hi Qiang! Wellcum! Tq for ur comment!

Hi Polaris! Aiyah! This post all the good stuff! Waite for part two then made ur decision!

Hi W W H! Ok part 2 will be up soon! After 'reseach' done!

Hi Cocka! Tq tq!

Princess Eileen said...

Can I just answer the question? Yes & No. Wukakaka... I just wanna take the advantages of both singlehood & marriage into my life :D So particular! :P

Nonnie King said...

I'll like to think getting married bring more advantage than disadvantage.

Let me dream.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah Princess! U meant u wan the goodness of marriage yet u wan to enjoy being single??? Like after married can still poke around???

Hi Nonnie! U will have nightmare after u read part 2!

keeyit said...

No married also can do ma.. Alot of youngsters did that before married.. u also.. :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Keeyit! Yallah! Poke & enjoy first see can live together or then only get married! He!He! Me different lah!

Shopaholicfern said...

i think don't married so young lah...poke poke enuff first, enjoy enuff first, then only settle with 1 banana...can o not? like that, i think can enjoy life better ;-)

belle said...

but horny...honestly..
i want a father for my kids.. but dowan a hubby...
any solution?
ive told my bf tht
he tibai me 99. T T
how la.. i dowan hubby..cannot be trusted

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Shopaholicfern! Wellcum! That is the modern way to get married! Test drive first! Find the 'best' banana & the driver 'performance' must be to u liking then u take this 'banana' loh! But do made sure that u don't get uself 'cashed' by lousy driver.

Hi Belle! Wan u want to be single mummy kar?? He! He! Ur bf of cause get very piss off lah! He! He! His gene not good arr??? ( My swimer is for sell! U want or not? My reader I give discount want! All big big size )He! He!

Have a nice day my to all my dear readers!

choongkeat said...

wahaha.. oh ya... the in-laws can be a headache.. "I'm giving my daughter to u leh, wedding no big big, how can I trust that u can take care of her" the in-laws normally judge the wedding as the benchmark on how well u can treat my daughter in future.. thats really a headache don't u think?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Choogkeat! u can try the 'growing trummy' act! Then can get married straight away! U & gf act together lah! He! He!

Gorannhale said...

eeeh...i get horny lar reading your blog!!!!hahaha!love ur blog!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Gorannhale! Wellcum!He! He! My writting can made u go 'hor ny'?? Woah! Tq for ur support! Have a nice day!