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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Prices Go Up, Quality & Quantity Go down!!!

I like to have egg in my daily food as it is a good food, almost wholesome to me and it can meet my daily energy need. And the Chinese have a saying whatever u eat will replenished or revitalise which ever or similar part of ur body, so since I do a lot of pokeing I need to replenished my egg ( it is for this reason I also eat a lot of big banana hoping that my 'bro' will be as big as the banana I eat or bigger but....He! He! Regular pokeing is the only way to keep ur 'bro' in tip top condition ) & so far so good untill now! It use to cost Rm6.35 per pack now it cost Rm8.60 per pack! An increase of 35% but do ur pay increase by 35%?

Beside egg I also like to eat breads & buns, so last night I go & buy one loaf of bread ( normally buying food stuff is done by gf as I just give her my credit card to use ), it use to cost Rm1.20 but now it is Rm2.00!!!! Not only that the bread is smaller! I remember last time one loaf of bread need about one & half small tin of 'kaya' ( coconut ) jam to finished it. Now one small tin of 'kaya' jam can be use for almost two loaf of bread! As for bun it use to cost Rm0.60 for bbq meat bun. Now it cost Rm1.00! Not only that the bun is much smaller some more with less meat! In fact all flour related product go up like no tomorrow!

Flour price increase mah, so have to increase loh........That is the reasons given by the trader! One big gunny sack of 25kg flour cost Rm38.00 now it cost Rm45.00 an increase of Rm7.00 but for 25kg of flour how many loaf of breads, buns or plates noodle u can made??? The trader can easily absorb the increase in price but nooooo they past on the cost to poor fellow like me! In the process they made even more profit! I think I will have to eat less bread! Aiyoh please don't ask me to eat Maggi mee.....Yes one box of Maggi mee the price will increase by Rm1.80 which I think is reasonable. But I can't eat Maggi mee everyday! If I did that I will lost my all hair & a bald 'orang utan' ( a very rare & protected ape ) will be ever more ugly. Not only that my dense 'forest' down 'there' will turn to desert with one lonely 'cartus' if I eat Maggi mee everyday. Oh yes I wander how much increase in price for food stuff once our cooking gas price increase yet against in the near future!

So how?? I think I have to cut down to all lot of 'luxcury' food like bread & bun as for egg I think I still need egg. Maybe I will give it chicken ( with feather ) rearing another try & hope that I will rear some hen instead of coc*k with the chicks I buy! Maybe I will cut down other non-essential food. Yes maybe I will just have to eat more bananan ( no increase in price ) as it is filling & I 'perform' better in toilet!

So my dear readers do u feel the 'squeez' in ur wallets with all this price increase?


Linky Love said...

You should know why everything goes up Ang Moh, to follow the example of Pak Lah when he sees Jean...

Princess Eileen said...

wakakka... my latest post also talk about spending.... Let me see I walk 15 mins, instead of 5 mins to work to save RM3 for parking. Is that considered?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Linky! Warm wellcum! Ha! Ha! I didn't think of that! No wander under Pah Lah everything 'nail'!!

Hi Princess!Walk & save RM3.00!! Same more good exerise for u. BUt made sure it is save for u to walk! U don't wan to be caught & be poke with cucumber & bananan & binjar do u?? Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

Seriously, I think I need to learn how to plant my own vegetables already..

clement said...

kampua mo expensive... haih..

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah... so jialat one ar.
THe increse is so significant!!

I tell u, the economy is goin into inflation soon..

So Horny, u got save or not for rainy days?

Have a nice day!

AceOne118 said...

Wakakaka! this statement "chun la" "my all hair & a bald 'orang utan' ( a very rare & protected ape ) will be ever more ugly. Not only that my dense 'forest' down 'there' will turn to desert with one lonely 'cartus' LOL

Kenny Ng said...

That's the world now days, so many things getting smaller and lesser but the price getting more. Luckily my 'one' getting bigger and stronger... wakakaka.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi L'abeille! Aiyah u no need to plant vergy lah!

Hi clement! Kampua use to cost Rm1.20 Now Rm1.90!

Hi Iwan! Very very jialat wan! Must have $$$ first to save $$$ mah! No $$$ how to save?

Hi Kenny! Yahloh! I think only u r getting bigger & bigger! He! He! So hows is life in ABU DABI?

Anonymous said...

plant different types of veggie mah, why kangkong niah?

1) save on electricity, use power-saving light bulbs. if don't need strong lighting, can use tealights (candle). make sure u put safe place if not got fire hazard. can also create romantic atmosphere.

2) save water. keep the rinsing water in pails after washing clothes. use the water to flush toilet or wash floor.

3) sell off your car if u seldom travel. rent one when u need to travel long distances.

4) use steamer for cooking your food. steamer got so many layers. can cook a few dishes at one time but use only one stove. healthy cooking. no oil is used for this type of cooking, so u save money on oil too. slim down also. can use slow cooker for some cooking coz low-power consumption. morning put ingredients in the pot, after work come back home and the food is ready to eat. (for porridge, double-boil soups, etc)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Anomus! Tq tq for asll ur tips! I grown kakong as it is the easier! Can even grown in 'lokang' ( drain ). As for light I only use one light so due to dim light I sometime to to bed wearing my pijamas inside out! For water I use rain water. Don't have steamer so cannot use!
He! He!

Johnny Ong said...

horny fella, that's not the end of the world. wait till the govt increases the petrol, toll, taxi fare, bus fare, lrt fare righttttttttttt after the election.

they are holding on as much as they can to garner votes.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi Johnny!Yah! Once the erection is over I have to go back & live in the jungle! So I have to prepare now!